Do labor capturing some almost gut wrenching photos

Do you think muckraking was an effective effort?Muckrakers took pride in using their media to change the opinions of people and to give views on flaws then. One form of muckraking was editorial cartoons, photography, and another one was writing.There were very influential writers such as Upton Sinclair,Ida Tarbell, and Booker t. washingtonEditorial cartoons were cartoons usually portraying a literal form of what it actually meant similar to a metaphor. Thomas Nast was a famous cartoonist an is famous for causing patriotic uproar in the north after he went to a civil war battlefield. Jacob riis was a famous photographer and was a brave individual.He captured some of the most famous photographs from his era exposing the lives of those who lived in poverty.Lewis hines was another famous photographer who focused more on child labor capturing some almost gut wrenching photos of children performing back breaking work.Solomon Butcher spent his life showing how pioneers lived in the Midwest.Persuasive writing was another tactic muckrakers adopted .Upton sinclairs book “The Jungle” exposed the meat indusrty but it is most known for capturing the attention of president Theodore Roosevelt causing to push for the Meat inspection Act and Pure Food and Drug Act.Helen hunt Jackson Wrote the book ” A Century of Dishonor” showing how the United states mistreated Native Americans.Muckraking couldnt be done by just anyone .Lincoln Steffens chose to expose the municipal courts so in return he received a bunch of death threats and someone even attempted to sue him but didn’t follow through.Ida tarbell wrote out opposing the Standard Oil trust in 1904.Muckraking was societies best friend .If it wernt for muckrakers we would have a horrible meat insustry and children would be working young as 8 years old for little to nothing.This tactic opened the eyes of people all over the world .