Do please, thank you, dear engineers for this

Do you know that, too ? Your feelings seem to be blocked? Like a high wall, she sits down in front of your emotional world. A 5 meter high wall that, as not so long ago, separated the western from the eastern part of Germany. Militarily secured on every little passage of the wall, so that the emotion that wants to sneak past the guard is shot immediately.So are you? Feeling blockade depressionNot only you. Me too. You have to imagine it that way. You’ve probably saved your life some time ago by isolating your emotional world. Sounds weird ? I do not think so, just think: I can talk about my personal situation. I’ve been bullied my whole life. Started in the 5th grade. At that time I attended high school. My class ? The pure discrimination machinery.I was never properly integrated, bullied and never felt to belong.Was I that bad? Well, subconsciously, I must have asked myself this question well, after all, can not be that finally 25 students at once I did not feel “cool”. That must be up to me then.Pushing around, discriminated, excluded, man can also speak of mental rape or re-German “bullying”. Sure that because the emotions play crazy. Is also a stupid feeling exclusion to feel.It hurt too deeply to feel these feelings. Reinforcing came a certain fullness and a strong acne. I was by others and of course by myself as not lovable, not good enough and wrong.Pretty intense feelings to endure in a time when you are just beginning to discover and experience the world for yourself. Too much negative feelings, then why not just isolate the feelings? Sounds logical, so go: Where are the mental engineers? I want a really nice wall, a wall that is indestructible and protects me from any attackers and thus makes me invincible. Well, please, thank you, dear engineers for this wall, is really well done.Without this wall, I would probably be dead now. So I owe her life to her. Without this wall I would probably have found no strength at some point to withstand the attacks. Sounds crazy? No, I did not set them up for no reason, but for a purpose without which I would probably have committed suicide some time later. One can also define this feeling isolation as traumata, as one speaks in psychology.But why does not the wall just disappear?Unfortunately, that’s not how easy it is. You have to imagine it this way: feeling blockage depressionThe wall has protected you for months, years or perhaps even decades and has repeatedly confirmed itself by successful protection in your need. Why should she suddenly break down again? Sounds understandable.But how does this wall disappear again or how can I destroy it?There is no universal answer.Basically one can distinguish between 2 types of removal of the wall:internally (by yourself)externally (through external “destruction”)Internally means, that you dismantle the wall in your inner self, so to speak, in the end you also built it. There is no special technique for this. But keep in mind that this wall may have saved your life and it once had a purpose. Externally it can be “destroyed” by certain techniques, eg by a psychologist.Why do I put “destruction” in quotation marks? Because the word pretty much reflects the desire of those affected, you want to destroy the wall as fast as possible, it is clear. But still, the word “destruction” does not really describe the way to get there. Feeling blockade depressionBy “destruction” I define something tearing, something that is taken by force and destroyed.That is very dangerous. You have to imagine it this way: You probably carry this wall around for a lifetime or a long time with you. You totally accepted her, because she is always on hand to help you, even if you had to pay for it with a high price. But she is probably already part of you. If you destroyed the wall now, you would tear your skin off with it. This is very dangerous I do not need to explain. What can follow are bad psychosis, or worst nervous breakdowns. Behind the wall, even with you, hide many feelings. What would follow now would be an extreme overstimulation of your emotional level.How do I remove the wall then? Feeling blockade depressionTherefore, the wall must be melted away piece by piece. Therefore, I strongly recommend that you seek professional help from a psychologist, preferably a depth psychology analytical therapist. Under the following link you will find a directory of all therapists, just select your postal code and focus and you’ll find the right address. psychologists are usually burdened with long waiting times and they can choose with whom they work together, the approach is not insignificant.Therefore, I recommend the following approach:Write a long, detailed email what your problem is, your suspicions, your symptoms, etc.! Hardly a therapist would like to work with a patient who only knows about himself that he is depressed. So give the therapist the chance to assess you better in advance.Give the impression that you think a lot about yourself and your problems and can already draw some conclusions about your problems, so that he gets the feeling that you are willing to work on you.It’s best to write an email, because I feel that such complex problems are much better than verbal communication.In therapy, you should bring a lot of patience and do not assume that after 10 sessions, the world is clean again. A therapy, especially an analytical therapy takes time, similar to a good wine that has to live the maturing process. My therapy is scheduled to last 3 years. So have patience, the courage, the confidence and the perseverance that things will change again and you will live a happy, fulfilling life.Let yourself be helped  feeling depression depressionFinally, let me give you one more on the way. If you feel the same or similar syntoms, let me help you. Find a good therapist, as it is extremely difficult to get out of there by yourself.In the hope that this contribution has helped you a little, I wish you all the best, and always keep in mind that you are not alone, and the world will again be a beautiful flower meadow.Please add your suggestions, your opinion below in the comment box.