Domestic just start in a day, it

violence among women has been a issue of public health concern, Despite the prevalence of domestic
violence in the country, the Nigerian government has held a permissive position
toward the issue. The 2013 Nigeria Demographic and Health Survey revealed that close
to one-third of all Nigerian women have experienced domestic violence and most women do not seek help from
anyone in domestic violence situations and that sexual violence often goes
unreported. This issue is getting increased on daily basis in
the society and most families are not helping the matter because most of the
women will be thinking of what the family and other people will say and this
has been causing untimely death for some women while some will be suffering and
smiling.Most women stayed in it due the so many reasons. Some stayed because
they are unemployed, some stayed because of their children. Some are because their parents are
either distant, unable, or unwilling to help, somewomen may fear losing mutual
friends and the support of family especially in-laws, Many have no property
that is solely their own, Some lack access to cash, credit, or any financial
resources, some thinks If they leave, then she risks being charged with
desertion and losing her children and joint assets. At times, the violence
could be due to the woman’s inability to do some house chores due to tiredness
or mood swing especially while pregnant, but in Dr Perpetua’s case,despite the
fact that she was well employed, her husband was jealous and envious of her,
giving her problem because he believes she was too free and independent. Many
women has reached their loom and has died untimely just because of the marriage
vow they had with their husbands.

Ways of ameliorating domestic

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Domestic violence can be prevented and
amended through the following ways:

By educating the women to know the
signs of domestic violence:
This will help in avoiding domestic violence. It is necessary for all women to
know the possible preceding signs and indicators of domestic violence. Domestic
violence don’t just start in a day, it mostly begin with the husband making
attempt to slap her or hit her wife over little or no argument. These signs is
not just limited to physical attacks like hitting or beating, it may also be in
form of abusive behavior, emotional abuse, verbal abuse etc.


By leaving the home: This is when a woman decides to
file for divorce which indicates her strength in decision making. This is one
of the most effective strategies that a woman can use in amending and putting
an end to domestic violence. Women should be supported by those that surrounds
them in their decisions because they are the one that know what they are
passing through, nobody can feel their pain the way they do.

By getting the community
eradicating domestic violence, the move start from the neighborhood and
community. The community needs to be well educated on what domestic
violence is all about, how to recognize its signs, where to make report
when such happens in the neighborhood and so on. This can be done in
conjunction with the women’s association within the community, the local
domestic violence shelter, community police men and women or any other law
enforcement agency or association working towards the betterment of the

By encouraging the woman to make
report on any forms of domestic violence: Women should be educated and encouraged to report all forms
of domestic violence no matter how little or minor it may be. Making a call to
the right channel can make a great difference and save a soul with some other
properties. Women should also be enlightened on the right channel to go to, the
phone numbers to call and whom they could run to for help in times of need.

5.      New
policy regulations:
The government should come up with new policy in which the perpetrator,
offender and batterer causing domestic violence will first be invited for
counselling and this will avoid charges but if such reoccur, he will be
adequately punished and charged to court of law and the penalty should be tough
and consistent. The Violence Against Persons (Prohibition) (VAPP) Act was
passed earlier in 2015, marking a progression in the government’s attention toward domestic violence issues, this isto prevent the
government from appearing inconsistent, there must be repercussions in place
for recalcitrant officers who fail to provide consistent, timely responses to
abuse reports. The lack of action against domestic violence could be resolved
by increasing the number of understanding women in politics, policy
development, and law enforcement in Nigeria. Nigeria critically needs
responsible leaders, many of whom could be women who choose to appreciate the
societal complexities that contribute to the lack of domestic violence policies.
If this is done the prevalence of domestic violence will grossly be reduced in
our society because no one will want to go to jail.

6.      By
helping woman to be economically dependent:Most women
continue staying in a destructive relationship because they will be homeless
and no one will cater for their needs and their children if they decided to
leave their home or seek for divorce. The organizations (governmental and
non-governmental) that are in charge of helping the domestic violence victims
should include divorce financial distribution to their plan and program and
they should make it fairer, putting it into consideration the ways women give
up economic capacity to raise their kids. This will assist the women to be able
to stand on their own when there is such violence.

Ways of assisting the domestic
violence victims

Women who fall victims
of domestic violence can be assisted through the following ways:

their fear:Many
women fear that attempting to end an abusive relationship will lead to even worse
violence because the man will become more violent in other to create more fear
in the woman. Walker observes that in an abusive relationship it is often the
man who is desperately dependent on the relationship. Training could be done
for victims to allay their fear and anxiety. Public health professionals or the
change agent should always be on stand-by to help the victims and they should
also serve as their confidants.

There should be support from their family: Most women have been suffering and
smiling all in the name of their family are not in support of it. Family court
do not always handle domestic violence issue well. Some family believes it is
part of the downs that happens in marriage, some family members of the woman
will advised the woman not to take any legal actions so that people will not
say she send her husband to jail so leading to settling the issue within the
family in which there could be reoccurrence because no legal action is taken
and no legal hand is involved. Most families make use of a one family, one
judge approach thereby consolidating the hearings into one place.In Dr Perpetua’s case, despite the fact that her
parent was encouraging her to stay in the marriage, the violence has
psychological impact on her to this extent that she could no longer endure any
kind of intimacy from her husband which could lead to more problematic
situations like rape thereby causing more damage to her psychological health.

Gender equality:The issue of gender role cannot be overemphasized. When most
girls begins to approach adolescence, they begin to lose self-confidence and
self- worth. Most women are seen to be inferior to men. Society values male
traits more than female traits and often devalues female gender roles. An adult
woman values her ability to form a relationship with a male partner over other
characteristics and for her to lose the relationship may seem worse than
staying and enduring the abuse. Preaching gender equality and by
making the women know that we are all created the same, we all have the right
to life, our fundamental rights are the same and no one is inferior to the
other will help a lot in assisting the domestic violence victims. Gender
equality can also be achieved through the following means:

Social service agencies such as
counselors or shelters or women association within the community should provide
information and support to the victims and all women in the community.

Mediation to facilitate a woman’s
control over the process

Prosecution with an option to drop
the charges, which also facilitates control by female victims

Women’s empowerment: studies has been done to reveal that one of the most
effective ways to assist the domestic violence victims which are mostly women
is by empowering them. Most women remained in the home where they are being
battered because they do not have anywhere to go to and no one to cater for her
needs. For example a woman who was a full housewife with four (4) children will
not want to leave such home because she has nothing to fall back on if she
decides to leave, she is fully dependent on the husband. She will decides to
keep enduring the violence for the sake of her children. If such woman is
empowered and fully employed with a steady source of income, she might decide
to seek for divorce or separate herself from the man. Using the case of Dr
Perpetua, she has a good job and she was independent, this help her in making
her decision by packing out of the house even though her family did not help
the situation.