Donald and outrage”, and demanded that the


Donald Trump
has received bipartisan and global backlash after making an obscene remark
about several African countries during a meeting about immigration in the Oval

The US
President allegedly became angry during the meeting and labelled several
countries as “shithole countries”. The statement was made following a
discussion about the protection of undocumented migrants’ children from El
Salvador, Haiti and other countries in Africa.

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Following the
crude comments, Trump further stated that the US should be accepting more
immigrants from “countries like Norway”.

A spokesperson
from the White House made a statement but did not deny the comments being made.
Trump has since taken to Twitter to deny the allegations, describing his
language as tough but without any derogatory remarks.

The comments
have been condemned not just by Democrat and Republican legislators, but by
several countries across the world. The African Union – the organisation
consisting of all 55 African countries – have conveyed their “shock, dismay and
outrage”, and demanded that the President apologise, believing that “there is a
huge misunderstanding of the African continent and its people by the current

Even though
Trump denies making the comments and claims they were fabricated by the
opposition, Democratic Senator Dick Durbin – who attended the meeting in
question – has confirmed and castigated the statements, describing them as
“hate-filled, vile and racist”.

Just hours
before the outrage, Trump cancelled his visit to the UK to open the new US
embassy in February due to disliking the move of the US embassy, blaming the
Obama Administration for the “bad deal”. Sadiq Khan, however, stated that the
London visit may have been cancelled amid fears of widespread protests in the

Due to the
incident being so serious and blatantly racist, most media outlets in the UK on
both sides of the political spectrum have taken a negative stance on the

Tabloid outlets
such as the Sun and the Daily Star frequently use much more extreme and emotive
language and quotes – such as “foul-mouthed” or “make America white again” – to
invoke emotion in their readers. Broadsheet publications, however, use more
descriptive and advanced language, better suited to their readership.

coverage of this story is also a lot more comprehensive and includes more
in-depth information, whereas Tabloid publications like the Sun prefer to use
bare facts to structure their article.