Dreams your dog is standing next to your

Dreams are always related to something. I think that something is one of six groups. Past Unconscious, Past Lucid, Lucid, Present Unconscious, Present Lucid, Future. The most common, in the average person, is Past Unconscious. The least common, is Future. The first option, involves experiences from your conscious, or unconscious life that had happened previously in life. You don’t have control over it, and it plays out like a story. It may seem so unrelated to life, but it is always related to your conscious or unconscious life in every way. When you realize this (That it does relate.) inside your dream of the past, it instantly becomes Past Lucid dream! Now you can do many things to manipulate it. If you take it too far, you get into a state that is somewhat unrelated to the past, present, or future, and is simply a compilation of video game of your mind throwing it’s stress at you, and you being fully conscious of this happening. That’s the Lucid stage; The one with no time period.If, while a dream is taking it’s course, you are bothered by something in the real world. (ie., the fan ruffling your hair, a little brother poking you, a gnat buzzing in your ear.), There’s a chance that your reptile brain will wake you up to defend yourself, or, that you will be warned in dream, and not woken. Imagine this: You are about to go to jail, you don’t know why. You’re on a road-trip to jail with a bunch of mean-looking guys, and then you feel that you’re being watched, and you swerve around, still sitting in the rough cloth seats, to look behind you. The dream begins getting abnormally dark, and you are afraid. Then you awake, and your dog is standing next to your bed, sniffing you. That’s Present Unconscious. If you did notice the weirdness of it all, and realize you’re dreaming, that’s Present Lucid. The last, well, I believe there has to be interaction with God for this! Few modern people actually have future dreams, and when they do, it’s normally not lucid. If you have a weird dream, and awake thinking that it was a Future dream, it probably wasn’t! Usually, when people have future dreams, they can’t tell. They would need it legitimately interpreted (Not by a gypsie woman in a trailer by the beach.) to tell the difference from just an unusual dream that happened for no reason.