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During the 1500s places like Europe, Africa, and Asia got together to from global trade system, The Silk Road. For the first time in history, every region of the world now was working with the others. They all desired something from one another and grow at the same time instead of one trying to take over one another. African slaves worked on plantations to sell sugar to at a cheap price. Sugar and silver were also brought to Europe and China. But Europe was going out considering most of the world instead of all the great empires going to conquer the Americas. I think this is because of the positioning that Europe was in. Europe could trade with the Americas, Africa and Asia that made them very rich, they could take sugar from North America and spreading it to Africa or Asia adding more value to it. They could also take slaves from Africa and sell them to plantation owners with little cost and great profits. The other empires also profited from this, but the Europeans were the first to industrialize or develop industries on a wide scale and they were also immune to the diseases like smallpox and the plague that greatly decreased populations in the thousands. Empires in Europe were small and if they took over another country, there people would move to find land and wealth, but people in big countries like Asia were not willing to move thousands of miles to settle in an unknown land. So European people wanted to find other lands to find rich’s. So that put pressure on them to concern. This lead to them having the best military the got gunpowder from china and made guns better and better. They also had the best navy. Explorers like Columbus brought big armies and they also brought deadly disease that killed thousands by accident. They also wanted to change people to chrsichantite and make them “civilized”. But really they just wanted their land. There were many Spanish conquistadors the two most famous were Hernán Cortés who conquered the Aztec Empire with only 500 men. He kidnapped their leader and thought him to be “civilized”. They were in search of gold so they told him he would rule again if he gave them gold but they lied. Francisco Pizarro, he led the conquest of the Inca Empire. Pazaro played a big part in the expansion into the western part of North America. When pizarro came to peru they were having a civil war and were also dying from smallpox. He took advantage of the war and disease to take over the capital and kill their leader. The columbian exchange had a whole lot of good and bad involved but it was mostly good in my opinion. Many empires were able to grow and benefit from trading foods they never saw. But it was the longest nightmare for the new world. This is because people ether died from war, sickness or they were working in a plantation. The european countries took over most parts of the new world almost 80%. But later in history the people fight back and gained independence.