During HTML, Data integrity & Resilience and robustness

During the last decade, we have witnessed revolutionary changes in the field of information system & communication. The capabilities of both generation and collection of data have been rapidly increasing at a great rate.The today world is surrounded by the data and information field  & rapid developments in the field of Information Management have left me intrigued with information technology. These data present the potential for us to discover efficacious information and expertise not seen before.The Information Age presents us with tremendous possibilities as well as unique challenges.As wireless networks become more advanced and far-reaching, we are redefining the notion of information and the possibilities of communications technology. In today’s information age, having the knowledge of electronics and communication together with computer science in a significant and in-depth manner is of great worthiness and both fields are complementary to each other.  For example, it is not the case that computer scientists program and electronic engineers design, but rather that both hardware and software must be co-designed if they are to produce an efficient and productive system.This is what inspired my interest in information and communication Engineering and motivated me to take up Electronics and Communication for my Bachelor’s Degree from the Ambala College of Engineering and Applied Research affiliated to Kurukshetra University accredited as an ‘A+’ grade college by a national body called National Assessment and Accreditation Council, which was well renowned for its academic excellence and stood second among all other colleges in my state.During the course of my undergraduate study the courses like Network Analysis, Signals and Systems, Microprocessors and computer hardware design helped me learn the aspects of system implementation. On the other hand, courses like Data Structure, C, C++, Computational Techniques, Data Communication and Computer Network helped me understand how the concepts of computers are applied to practical systems in everyday life. Especially during my sophomore year I become fascinated towards Data Structure, Programming & during my summer training I joined a course of 3 months on Basic Coding & Data Science where I improved my command on C language, HTML, Data integrity & Resilience and robustness of communications networks. Here I understand the significance of securing the data & that both society and the individual are reliant on IT-based systems and the data they contain it is critical that data is stored in a secure manner. Not pleased with my expertise in the field after 3rd year in college, I undertook the next 3 months of Training in Core Java from NIIT PVT. LMT. ROHTAK. and got 78 percentile in their certification test. Here my project was a game called Fantasy Cricket. It is an online game or say an application in which more than one players (users) choose their dream team of 11 players and predict the live game of cricket. Each Player (user) has its respective unique team and the player (user) whose team make highest runs wins the league.I attempted 2 projects in the final year in the area of communication of which 1st is “based on a FPGA kit.32 Bit ROM is designed using a code in VHDL. Altera’s kit consisting of FPGA cyclone II EP2C2OF484C7 is used here & 32 outputs of ROM are connected externally on the FPGA kit and second is based on “BlueSmart” which is the latestgeneration of electronic access organization from Winkhaus.Electronic access control uses computers to solve the limitations of mechanical locks and keys. BlueSmart that serves the purpose of security.I was involved in other extracurricular activities such as Science Fair and inter college online game competition. To be able to face the competition, I kept myself abreast with the latest technologies by reading technology magazines and attending workshops.After my graduation, i started training as a Data & software testing engineer in croma campus Noida & then joined Browser Player Software Solution, Mohali as Software engineer.Subsequently, I acquired skills in Agile testing, SDLC, Selenium Webdriver.Now, after having acquired the basic aptitude, skills, knowledge and work experience in the field of Communication System for over a year, I feel this is the apt time to pursue my graduate study in the field of my interest and strongly believe that my aptitude and aspirations find a terrific match in your program.Browsing the pages of your University’s website, I find myself certain that pursuing this program is the ideal step for my academic as well as professional career. After researching on the courses offered by the Department of Computer Science (CS) at your University, I have decided to apply for the Master’s program in Information Technology.At Illinois Institute of Technology, I would expand on my technical horizons by learning at the center stage of activity in these fields in the USA. My earnest desire to continue my future studies at your graduate school originate from that it is one of the top colleges having a fine record of academic excellence and is backed up by expert faculty and research facilities. I have gone through your website and online student forums and I have learned about the collaborative environment at the University and realize that I have an opportunity where I can interact with talented students, teachers, and industry professionals. I believe that I will be able to contribute to and learn from the academically challenging environment at the University. After I graduate from your program, I will be uniquely prepared to face the challenges of the international technology & business world. My short-term goal is to seek employment in the USA that could fulfill as a practical supplement to my education. In the long-term, I plan to return to my native country, where the fast-developing economy requires experienced technical & management professionals.Thus, I sincerely request the esteemed Admission Committee tofavorably consider my application and provide me with a suitable platform for the attainment of success in my desired field. I look forward to a positive response from the admission committee.