Eco the President, this ensures continued progress and

Eco tourism is an emerging
sector of the ever evolving tourism industry. Defined by The International
Eco-tourism Society as responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the
environment, sustains the well-being of the local and involves interpretation
and education. The growth of eco- tourism is approximated at 10-30% annually,
the growth of this sustainable tourism sector has encouraged the Republic of
Korea to take measures to promote, educate and execute strategies/policies to
encourage it among the tourism societies in the Republic of Korea. The Republic
of Korea focuses on implementing rather than imposing and believes in its
sharing of knowledge and experience for own benefits and of other countries

The Republic of Korea has
continued to support its local eco-tourism society, which is evident in the Act
on Low Carbon and Green Growth of which Article 56 states that the government
shall facilitate eco-tourism and provide resources to boost the regional
economy. Furthermore, the National Commission on Sustainable Development (NCSD)
which was established due to the Framework Act on Sustainable Development
(2007), the NCSD prepares a report every two years, which features the results
of the evaluation of sustainability and is published after reporting it to the
President, this ensures continued progress and the betterment of our citizens.

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Recently, the Korean eco-tourism
standard has been officially recognized by The Global Sustainable Tourism
Council (GTSC) which means that the Korean Eco-tourism standard meets GTSC
criteria of management, community, cultural, and environmental issues.

As quoted by Choe
Kwang-shik, our minister for culture, sports and tourism,” We will provide financial, technical know-how and
other assistance to developing nations, particularly those in Africa, to help
them promote their tourism sector as a tool to create jobs and generate
income.” Republic of Korea believes in sharing of knowledge and assisting other
countries to utilize Eco-tourism as poverty reduction strategy as we have
successfully achieved our aims and continue to evolve the eco-tourism industry
of Korea.

The republic of Korea encourages every member of this
committee to explore Eco-tourism development which has a long lasting effect on
the national economy and improves the quality of life of their respective