Usually either manually or by using software

Usually people study in one field and grasp the knowledge of same field. This study improves their aptitude towards the subject field. It is very easy to calculate aptitude ratio of a person. Anyone can test aptitude ratio. It can be calculated either manually or by using software or machines. Mostly aptitude tests are carried out manually. These tests give the exact aptitude ratio of a person. Furthermore, manual testing of aptitude involves two groups.

In the first group, aptitude is calculated orally. In this test person is asked to answer different types of questions orally. The number of correct answers, number of incorrect answers and total number of questions are used to calculate aptitude ratio of a person.

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In second group, person needs to answer different questions in written format. There is a time limit for this test. The number of correct answers, number of wrong answers, total and number of questions and time required to answer all questions can be used to calculate aptitude ratio.

Many companies and organizations hold aptitude test prior to the interview process. This test gives them exact knowledge about the candidate. Only those who acquire good marks within assigned time get selected for the interview process. The remaining candidates have poor aptitude ratio and therefore they get rejected for interview process. This is where aptitude is of key importance. Aptitude test helps to a great extent in gaining exact idea about the mental power of a candidate. There are several steps involved to improve the aptitude ratio.

Aptitude can be improved if and only if the entire knowledge of a certain subject is acquired. The deep knowledge that involves minor terms is important to increase aptitude. The main benefit of improving aptitude is to gain benefits in many fields.

The person with higher aptitude has sharp memory and can solve difficult problems within a minute. Those people who have higher level of aptitude can find solution to difficult problems. This behavior helps a lot in case of critical situations. This is how aptitude can help a person to get head up in any field. Aptitude is the term which plays an important role in judging the mental capability of a person.