Essay on Social Service Organisation in Your Area

The MLA of the locality encouraged the members of the organisation to continue with their brilliant work. The MLA also referred to the active cooperation he had been receiving from the NGO for the last ten years. An unusually nosy journalist present in the occasion was presumptuous enough to question the MLA about the latest financial scam he was involved in. The secretary of the NGO wasted no time in getting the journalist thrown out.

The secretary and the joint-secretary of the organisation next made some important announcements—they were planning to expand their operations to ensure that Seva had a pan-Indian presence. They intended to reach out to the poorest of the poor to ensure that they are given the basic benefits of food, housing and clothing. This announcement was made with the uncorking of a champagne bottle.

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Everybody drank to the health of the poor man in India. The other grand plan was the opening of twenty-five new primary schools across different towns and villages in India. A fashion show was organised to mark the announcement. Famous actors and actresses walked the ramp with chalks and slates.

Good food, good drinks and merriment soon took over the grand lawn. The doctor who had been involved in the operation came out amidst loud cheers and claps and confidently said that the operation was a grand success. The wife and the child of the labourer gingerly made their way towards the room where the patient lay. The people in the party overflowing with kindness and merriment took no notice of them.

After four hours, at 1 am in the morning, the secretary of the party was found consoling the wife of the labourer. The wife was very upset but dared not express her frustration except through tears. The doctor had operated on the wrong hip! This ‘hip’ and ‘happening’ social organisation in my locality is indeed the pride of the city and is all set to become the pride of the nation.