On the other hand, the spent fuel assemblies are highly radioactive and must initially be stored in specially designed pools resembling large swimming pools (water cools the fuel and acts as a radiation shield) or in specially designed dry storage containers.

An increasing number of reactor operators now store their older and less spent fuel in dry storage facilities using special outdoor concrete or steel containers with air cooling.

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Uses of Energy:

We use a lot of energy in our homes, businesses, industry, and for travelling between all these different places.

The industrial sector uses about one-third of the total energy. The residential and commercial sector combined use even more than this, i.e., 40% of total energy. These two sectors include all types of buildings such as houses, offices, stores, restaurants and place of worship.

Energy used for transportation accounts for more than a quarter of all energy.


Due to rounding, data may not sum to exactly 100 per cent in Fig. 4.23.