The poignant part of this entire experience

The farewell function is the most moving part. It is like asking a family member to say goodbye forever. At times it seems more like a condolence meeting to formally bid adieu to our school life. The most poignant part of this entire experience is when some emotionally overwhelmed teacher hugs you, as a mother or father would do.

But every conclusion of a phase of life, carries with it a message of a new start. The school prepares its students for the larger world. We soon forget all the poems and formulas that these teachers taught us but remember the example they set before us as human beings.

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The flowing river is always preferred to the stagnant pool. As we leave the hallowed portals of our revered institute, the flowers that wish us goodbye in the school garden seem to be the same that welcomed us fourteen years ago while we were fearfully clutching the hands of our parents, crying wildly, and expressing the strongest unwillingness to join an institution that would eventually become an integral part of our souls.