The the larger their foot. 2 Materials

The purpose of the report is to analyze the two major factors that affect how we develop which are genetic and environmental variations. I have presented my data in a table, line graph and bar chart. I also composed a questionnaire. My major conclusions are that genes mostly affect the child’s physical features. Introduction I am carrying out this experiment to see the difference in foot sizes of children. In the case of genetic variation, genes are a section of DNA within the chromosomes of a cell, which give the instructions to a cell about how to make a protein.

Inherited information controls how an organism develops. Genes pass on information from the parents to the next generation and in this way, they affect our features. The environment also plays a major role in the development of humans or Homo sapiens. For example, when we spend more time in the sun, our skin gets darker. Diet choices and fitness also have an effect on our features. Hypothesis: I expect that maybe, footwear can lead to impaired growth. I also think that the length of their foot will depend on their inherited genes. Probably the older they are the larger their foot.

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2 Materials and methods Equipment used: A4 blank paper- to measure the foot Tape measure- to measure heights of the children (to see if there is a correlation between height and foot size) Ruler- to measure the foot size marked by the paper (for precision) Questionnaire- I used figure 1 as my basis for the report to look for genetic or environmental influences. I went to my local community centre and I asked if I could use six year old children, for an investigation. I chose fifteen boys and fifteen girls. I used six year old children as they were the most popular age group.

Gathered equipment including questionnaire, paper, ruler, and tape measure. I used a questionnaire to investigate their background information and see how their genetic and environmental variation affected their growth.  Asked the children questions about nutrition and diet, health, exercise and ethnic backgrounds  Measured child’s foot size by placing their foot on a paper which lay on a hard surfaced floor. I asked them to remove their footwear before I measured their foot size. 3 I made sure the toes were not scrunched and marked with a pen from toe to heel.

After I marked the point of the toe and heel, I used a ruler to measure the markings for precision. The children ranged from 15-23cm in foot size.  After I measured their foot I measured the height of the children. I made sure they stood straight against a wall with their heels touching the wall.  When parents came to pick their child up, I asked them to come into the office where I was doing my investigation. I questioned the parents about their background information. The parents were willing to answer questions after I explained to them about my investigation. Most parents were helpful.

I cross checked different information for example, if there was any correlation for children who exercised regularly, or children who ate healthier foods etc. Questionnaire Child Name of child: DOB Ethnic background: European Asian African Middle Eastern Other Shoe size height Usual footwear Boots trainers shoes sandals other 4 Do you get fitted regularly? Yes no Diet and Nutrition How often do you eat: Fruit and veg? Rarely everyday few times a week Meat? Rarely everyday few times a week Chicken? Rarely everyday few times a week Fish? Rarely everyday few times a week

How many glasses of water do you drink a dayType of water: Tap bottle How often do you drink: Fizzy drink Everyday 2-3 times a week 3-4 times a week never Milk Everyday 2-3 times a week 3-4 times a week never How often you eat fast foods Everyday 2-3 times a week 3-4 times a week never 5 Health How often you exercise Rarely sometimes often Any sports club Child’s health generally good Bad good average Large or small body mass Large average small Parent Name DOB Health generally good Good average bad Large or small body mass Large average small Exercise Rarely sometimes often Height foot size.