The 12-ounce soft drink could generate about

The United States of America, the nation that is “famous” for its population of obesity had trying to find ways to reduce this unhealthy population. Mainly because of the junk foods and fast foods people tend to experience a higher rick of obesity or the related diseases that is associate obesity. The “junk food tax” will improve the health of people, help educate the next generation, and reduce the burden of health care for the region. This may be a solution to all counties that are in risk of obesity. Imposing taxation on junk foods will reduce people from buying.

In countries like America, Canada, countries that need to drive more than walking, people tend to exercise less. Their daily schedule is busy and they will not have the time and effort to exercise after a long day from work or school. They travel by cars and other public transport which does not require them to walk, the only so-call exercise will also be forgotten. Since people’s busy schedule and rapid pace of life they not just missing the exercises furthermore they will not be able to provide themselves a healthy meal.

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Research shows that people who do not have time and a lower income families tend to purchase more junk foods, since this is the case, it will be harder for them to buy junk foods and turn their heads toward more health choices. Junk foods led to obesity, this is shown in the movie Super Size Me, the man who plays the movie decide to eat junk foods for a month and his health decrease dramatically and doctors even warn him to stop or else will experience very serious consequences, including death. 300,000 deaths each year in the United States are associated with obesity.

Many may argue that junk foods is not the only one reason why people suffer from obesity but research finds out that every one dollar increase in the soda prices, on average 124 fewer total daily calories which on average loss 2. 34 pounds in weight. Believe it or not, there is a great tie to the obesity rate and the junk food prices. Researchers also find outs that if impose a 18 percents tax on junk foods, it will reduce 56 calories for total daily intake and on average is help reduce 5 pounds per patient which significantly reducing the ricks of having obesity related chronic diseases.

Because of the consumers of junk foods, junk foods companies earn billions of dollars that help them to promote their products and to encourage people to buy more, the junks food tax will reduce people to buy less from these companies. Executive Director Michael Jacobson and Yale Professor Dr. Kelly Brownell recently estimated in the American Journal of Public Health that a one-percent tax per 12-ounce soft drink could generate about $1.

5 billion annually and a penny tax per pound of candy, chips and other snack foods, or fats and oils, would raise about $70 million, $54 million, and $190 million. These enormous amounts of money is received just by having a one-cent tax will contribute tremendously in the education for educating the next generation to pick the right foods. Obesity causes children to have a less concentration and this will affect their learning ability which by using the tax money government will be able to educate more people the pick the healthy foods and reduce the income of the junk foods companies.

Having the junk foods tax is not only stopping people from buying junk foods, also educate them to choose the right foods, this is important. It is not only a short time benefit to people’s health, but a long term education that is provided for people. Lastly, since junk foods tax will reduce the risk of suffering obesity and its related diseases. In return the burden of the health care will be reduces. Using the United States as an example, the economic cost of obesity is about 117 billion dollars in 2000.

Take sometime and think about what they can do with this amount of money. They could use it to reduce their debts in their economic, improve education, health care and public benefit to the people. Improving health care is hard to achieve if many people suffer from minor diseases, like obesity, as stated in paragraph one there are 300,000 deaths each year in the United States are associated with obesity. Improvement requires money to support research and benefit the people. Obesity takes up too many resources, which can be use in a better place.

Each year countries spend about $71 billion on treating obesity -related diseases. If imposing one-percent tax on junk foods can already help reduce 5 pounds in patient, there will be reduce dramatic amount of obesity patients and the resources that spent in it. The junk foods tax not only provides a better health of individuals, furthermore, helps the nation to benefit more from the resources that they own. This taxation should be imposing in country because there is no disadvantage to it and this is trying to bring a better community to all.

The taxation may not be much but something is always better than nothing. Outline: One percent tax Reduce people from buying junk food: because exercise less (Super size me) Companies earn money: American Journal of Public Healthi?? educate more people the pick the healthy foods and reduce the income of the junk foods companies Health: Each year countries spend about $71 billion on treating obesity -related diseases Obesity: less concentration and affect learning ability