Every establish an immense amount information from a

Every course that has involved an insight of child
development, whether it has been through a biological or psychological understanding
has left a better understanding of the responsive change that is evolved from
birth to adolescence. Courses like the introduction to psychology which
establish an immense amount information from a biological view to a social psychological
window helped me grasped a better understanding of the fundamental principles
of a child’s behavior. Biologically speaking, we can almost all agree that a
brain is the center of what controls plenty of manners, it is what makes a
person. What you learn at an early stage and mange to remember in some way
reflects back to the behavior you express both mentally and physically. Despite
the debate of the possibility in how many factors whether the person you become
is a result of one’s surroundings (environment) or of their biological make up,
we can to some extent conclude the brain is in fact influence by something
rather than just saying “that is what that specific brain was destine to
become.” A child learns to perceive the life they live through hearing,
feeling, tasting, through their senses. This forms a route that directs back information
to the brain how to react, which takes us back to what actually impacts the
brain. But there is more than just a “route,” it is a way more complex map of
how all this actually happens which I am still trying to understand. But what I
can say is, the development of a child is a process of physical, mental and
emotional variations that are introduce to them in different stages through
those years.