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f late, I have been hearing a lot about the word ” power” – be it in movies or politics or daily life, unfortunately, I feel its not understood correctly.So, what is power?  Power exists where WILL becomes manifest without impediment.  That means – if there are no obstacles to my will, at least none that I cannot overcome, I have power! So does that mean that money, status, influence can make all our wishes come true.. Nah! I don’t think so. These can only make some of them come true.This is inter-things analysis.Coming to intra-thing analysis, does our mind obey our command? If we want to make our mind to think of something, it obeys but only briefly. Moments later, it dares to ignore our will and goes to wander which causes stress, overthinking, negative thoughts, lack of concentration, lack of motivation, anger, hatred, insomnia, restlessness, feeling of being burdened all the time, lack of desire  etc.So people say meditation/tranquility/serenity within ourselves, within our mind is the only absolute solution to our problems and it can make us powerful in the right way.Its true but for this to occur, one must be contented in the areas that one loses peace and for contentment, one should be able to discern what is needed rather than be hypocritical to what is wanted.You don’t get it.. okay..let me explain..We do certain things even though we don’t like it in the first place but we feel its necessary- This is hypocrisy.We know we need to do certain things and we know we don’t like it and we conclude that its not necessary if its disturbing our contentment, this is discernment.In hypocrisy, we stay rotten, we keep on doing it and it burdens us like hell but in state of discernment, we walk away with dignity without the slightest hesitation of our logical decision.So once we are able to come above this, we are contented, and we can be at peace but humans though are much educated and come from high lineage, they don’t tend to be like this in thoughts – what I mean here is they don’t take any personal effort in understanding this “path”.People unfortunately are brought up and exist who think that mind has to be filled with continuous stream of thoughts and fluctuating emotions but on the contrary, I am very sure that silent mind is what is needed.When the ceaseless chatter of the mind gradually quietens down, contentment grows, serenity blossoms and stays and makes us accept the powerful fact that who has to stay will stay in our life, what has to happen will happen only for our best!Silent mind is a powerful tool that can radically change our life perspective, the way we relate to events, so as to orient us towards working away from cycles of discontent and unhappiness and moving towards actual freedom and serenity.This in turn will give us power to control the way we react to unpleasant situations and negative vibed people. Slowly this becomes our power, after all if one does not have the power to control oneself, the mere existence is futile – a burden on earth!