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the day we are born our experiences shapes the way we grow mentally and how we
may interpret the environment around us. For this assignment, I chose to watch
Good Will Hunting directed by Gus Van Stant in 1997. This film depicts the
story of a man that is self-sabotaging his life. The film’s main character is
Will Hunting a twenty-year-old that has genius-level intelligence and a talent
for memorizing facts. He has the ability to prove sophisticated mathematical
theorems; he works as a janitor at MIT and lives alone in a sparsely furnished
apartment in a poor South Boston neighborhood. One of the things that I most
enjoyed about this film is that there are many characters that want to help
Will and look after him. There is Chuckie, Billy, and Morgan who are Will’s
best friends that would do anything for him. Then you have Skylar who is Will’s
love interest and wants to be with him forever. Then you have Professor Lambeau
who pushes Will to use his potential. Then lastly you have Sean who is Will’s
therapist that is helping him overcome his self-sabotage in both his
professional and emotional lives. He is unable to maintain either a steady job
or a steady romantic relationship (Stant, 1997).

is defined as the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and
understanding through thought, experience, and sense (Friedman & Schustack,
2012). In the movie Good Will Hunting the main character was Will Hunting. As
he grew up he in a foster home because his real parents gave up on him when he
was younger. The abandonment he felt from his parents affected several aspects
of his life. The parts of his life it affected was his love life, school,
behavior, and relationships with people. Cognitive process is where different
functions of the mind are controlled or control a certain function like
knowledge, attention, memory, working memory, judgment, evaluation, reasoning,
computation, problem-solving, decision making, comprehension and the production
of language happens. Cognition involves the mental processes and the manner in
which information is received and processed. Through cognition, a behavior is
shaped which affects the development of personality.

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it came to Will, his cognitive process was very different even though he was
extremely intelligent. When he was a young child he was never nurtured or shown
love like every child needs to be able to form normal relationships. It made it
very hard for him to believe in himself. He always believed that everything
that happened to him as a child was his fault. His therapist had to say it out
loud several times for him to finally believe it. Will had three friends that
he was very close with, they all believed he could make it far in life. Professor
Gerald Lambeau as was amazed at how well he was at math and that was made him
want to help will get therapy so he could make it far. Will tried to psychoanalyze
every therapist that the professor hired for him. The only therapist that was
able to get through to him was Shawn. Will, in the beginning, tried to get out
of therapy but the therapist kept pushing him to come back and built a trust
between the two. Shawn even shared some of his own experiences to get Will to
understand why we must face our setbacks head on to get to the problem.
Cognition and personality development both play a big role in why a person may
behave a certain way.

Wills case, he behaved in a very negative way. He was constantly in trouble
with the law. He was forced to go to many different foster homes. When he would
get into trouble with the law he would talk his way out of getting in trouble
until one day he met a judge who sentenced him. He appeared to have a very
tough exterior like he didn’t care or wasn’t scared of anything. Deep down
inside he did but he just felt so broken that he didn’t believe anyone could
really like or love him for who he was. He was extremely intelligent which also
hindered him from perusing an education. He felt this way because the people
who were supposed to love and take care him didn’t love or take care him and
broke up with his girlfriend Skylar because she was moving to California. Part
of the reason why he broke up with her was that she kept wanting and asking
about his past which he didn’t like that because that meant he has to relive
it. He felt that like he was broken and that she would find someone who wasn’t
broken like him, that was his defense mechanism. In a way, he was just
expressing in a negative way and lashed out at her. His thought process was why
I should care if no one else cares. In reality, he had professor Lambeau, his
friends, Skylar, and his therapist Shawn who believed in him. Not opening up
about the past hindered him for many years. Before he got into a relationship
with Skylar he would sleep around with any woman, which was another way he
would cope. When he would do that he didn’t really have to get close to anyone
because of his abandonment issues and because he didn’t know how to create real
lasting relationships with woman.

past events he went through affected his personality in many different aspects.
As we all age we have a lot of environmental and biological factors that play a
big part in our personality development. In Wills case, he had more
environmental factors that affected his development versus biological factors.
In the movie, it didn’t show what his parents were like. He went from different
foster homes since he was very young. The movie shows that he lives in a bad
area called “Southie,” also known as the south end of Boston. As therapy
continued with Shawn, Will stated that his foster father would ask him what you
want to get beat with tonight a wrench, belt, or stick; Will would always pick
the wrench. The reason why the foster father would have him choose the source
of punishment was so he could implement that Will deserved the punishment. Will
choose the wrench as an act of defiance towards the punishment he was
receiving. As he grew older he didn’t like to feel intimidated by men because
it reminded him of when his foster father would abuse him. One night while he
was out with his friends in a bar one of his friends, Chuckie, was trying to talk
with a girl named Skylar another man came around and tried to do the same
thing. The other man belittled Chuckie’s intelligence in front of the women who
were there. Will then steps in to show how dominant he can be by asking the
other man to step outside which is a result of the abuse he went through with
his foster father. Will subconsciously asserts his dominance over other male
figures who are attempting to display authority and this is a direct
correlation to what he was unable to do to his foster father as a child.

was set up with several job opportunities that most people would die for but he
did everything in his power not to get hired. He did this because he stated he
wanted to be like everyone else and not be looked at differently. Will stated
in the therapy sessions that his best friend was Shakespeare, Frost, and Locke.
Learning was his escape from the abuse so it was a very positive sublimation of
the very negative events.

several occasions shows Piaget’s theory of schema because he developed many
different ways to cope with his situation. From the day we are born we are
genetically coded with certain codes and chromosomes. These codes and
chromosomes determine how we may look, our behavior, and thought process. Our
environment to which we are raised in also affects how we grow and develop in
our personality. Our parents affect our personality’s they are first friends
and care. Some of our personality is inherited and some of it is affected by
the environment a person is raised in. In Will’s case the environment that his
foster father raised him in affected him a lot because of all the abuse he
endured. He didn’t trust the people in his life because of the things experienced
with his foster father.

we are born we go through an attachment stage. During this stage is where we
form the bond with our parents, we learn to trust them. In this stage, we
develop trust in getting our needs met by our parents changing diapers, feeding,
sleep, and feeling safe. If Will’s needs were constantly fulfilled he would
have learned how to depend on others and know how to build love and trusting
relationships. In the movie Will did not experience a positive relationship
with his foster father, therefore his attachments toward the majority people
became dysfunctional and unorganized. The most positive relationship Will
experienced was the one he formed with Shawn, his therapist. They both had
experienced abuse and neglect as a young child. This showed Will that he wasn’t
just another person trying to go into his personal life but someone who had
similar experiences as him to help show him a way out of his problems.

is the ability to believe that oneself can accomplish goals and succeed at
different tasks. Although Will was extremely intelligent and could solve math
problems that only a small percentage of people could solve, he still didn’t
believe in himself and just wanted to be like everyone else. Through therapy
with Shawn, Will began to believe in himself and eventually accepts Shawn’s
nurturing relationship. The therapist then able to fill in the abandonment gaps
that Will was missing. During therapy, Shawn picked the Boston Public Garden
because that is where young children played it showed it was linked to
significant figures from Will’s past. Empathy is very important during therapy
and Shawn presented that to Will. Shawn must bring up past encounters that Will
experienced so he could deal with them, if not then the issue will not get
resolved. Through the therapy and showing empathy Shawn was able to make
sessions less intimidating and overwhelming. For Will’s attachment disorder
Shawn fills in the gaps so he can have better relationships with Skylar, his
professor, Shawn, and others he may come in contact with. Children who have
suffered from abuse and neglect often feel like things are their fault and a
sense of guilt. Shawn had to make Will say it is not my fault for him to
understand that it wasn’t his fault at all and to help let the situation go.

and nurture play a big part in a person’s self-efficacy. If a person doesn’t
get that love or support from their parents he or she may not succeed without
that push or confidence. A child who isn’t nurtured at a very young tend to
make more mistakes in life. People who are nurtured early tends to have less
psychological problems and can establish better lasting relationships with
others; they will also believe in themselves more. Overall personality
development is influenced by a variety of factors. In association with
experiences and varying environments, social interactions and observations play
a role in shaping the personality of an individual. Ultimately, when
considering how a personality develops, there are many factors to consider
which affect its creation.