Future know that he is the one I

Future is something that I am always looking upon to. When I
was a little kid, I imagine myself being a veterinarian one day who always
saves the day for dogs and other animals. Later on in my high school years,
after 5 to 10 years, I really want to be a vet!

            Being a vet
gives me the idea of being a hero to animals. When I grow up, I want to be a
doctor of animals. I want to cure their diseases and sad hearts just as how
they cure mine. I suffer from asthma. But I noticed when I am with our 11 pets
in our house, my asthma just go away. That’s cool.

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            As I spend
my high school years, I spend half of my time staying in our vet clinic and
waiting for some clients to go to us for the checking up of their own dogs and
to make their dogs or cats vaccinated. I really aspire to be a vet because my
mom is a vet and my uncle too. But mostly, my uncle influenced me to be a vet.
(He does not know that he is the one I am looking up to.) I really want to be
my uncle who is a vet and a good uncle to me and to my cousins. One time, when
I stayed in his clinic, there is his rich friend who came with a kitten. Then I
noticed that the kitten cannot open his eyes because there is somewhat a stuff
glued in its eyelids. It is very devastating for my feelings. My uncle cleansed
its eyes until the kitten can open its eyes once again and feel free to see
things very clearly again. I remember my uncle did not ask for money to his
friend afterwards even if it is a hard thing to do.

            I have the
eagerness to fight for animals not because they are important to me and they
make me smile. Whenever I walk towards our home, I saw many dogs being
maltreated and being hit with a plank for barking over bad persons. They do not
deserve being maltreated for warning other people about something they see
badly. Sadly, I cannot fight for them while I am still a teenager who has not
yet graduated any courses. I do not have any power to battle with the “bad
guys”. Animals do not have the ability to talk to us people but some take it as
an advantage.

            Nowadays, it
is very alarming that there are thousands of reported endangered species or
soon to be extinct animals. I want to be an advocate to fight against hunting
or illegal removing the habitats of animals in forests, seas, urban places, and
such. Little did they know that animals help us in maintaining the beauty of
our nature and in fact, they help us be happy in our lives.

            Right now, I
am saving up money in order to use it for my college. I want to study in
Central Luzon State University (CLSU) located at Munoz, Nueva Ecija. That state
university gives an opportunity for future veterinarians have their journey to
success. It makes the students strive harder for their better state. After I
graduate BS in Veterinary Medicine in CLSU, I would probably start to live out
my dreams.

            I would
start off working in vet clinics around here in Metro Manila. After getting an
experience in treating animals, I would establish my own vet clinic in Quezon
City, Makati City, and in some rural places. Then I would upgrade those clinics
into hospitals when I already saved lots of money. I would begin building
animal farms and businesses so that I can help not only animals but people who
do not have jobs.

Also, one of my dreams in the future
is to explore many places such as Austria, Florence, Paris, Boracay, Tagaytay,
Baguio, Albay, Zamboanga, Alaska, New York, Manchester, Canada, England, Japan,
Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Hongkong, and more. It sounds a lot. These places
never fail to amaze me to the point that it can almost take my breath away.  I wanted to bring my family to these places
too and make them enjoy the fruits of their hardwork and yes, I want to pay
them because of making me study in schools with good-quality education.

I am planning to hire an architect
and an engineer who will build my house in Tagaytay. Though it may seem a tough
goal ten years from now, but there is nothing wrong having a strong belief that
it will come true. When the house would be built, I am going to ask the people
I hire to construct swimming pools at the backyard and make it more beautiful
as usual because I want to swim at night and let my relatives spend time with
us for they have did a lot of good things to us. They helped us when we are
facing financial problems. They give us importance when we came to their house
during vacation. They offer us foods or anything that can be useful to us when
are house were burnt down. They are there when we need their advices in which
we cannot decide on our own. They provide me some shelter when my parents and
siblings have to leave me in the province because they need to do something in
Manila. Thank heavens for sending us good relatives who do not forget our
existence in this world.

In 5 to 10 years, I am in the peak of
my success. I promise to make my dreams come true. I just need to have courage
in me and be intelligent in facing challenges ahead of me. That is what I want
to do in the future, be a vet. Be a successful businesswoman. Be a good mother
and wife to my own family. Be a rich person in order to satisfy my family’s
wants and needs.