God backed statements made by Bryan McAnally. The

God and World have been a very unique and interesting course. There stands huge admiration on the concepts and views of God as well as the three common religions; Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. I entered this course with an open mind, although I did have my own opinions. I strived to push myself beyond what I knew by taking the words of the text, especially those by Bryan McAnally in his book Indispensable Guide to Practically Everything: World Religions and What People Believe. I thoughtfully read 90% of what was provided throughout the weekly assignments. 85% was thoroughly read and I took many notes. The remaining 5% was used to find answers through skimming the many chapters. The 90% explains how of a great source Bryan McAnally’s text is. The publication date, 2009, is consistent with the current date, 2018. So, there are only 7 years of space left that could have included new information revision in the text. Although it did not happen, the book is still reliable and up to date when compared to other sources of text online. The book does not mention any main characters except God/Allah/Yahweh and the father to man, Abraham. Abraham is thought to be the father, the man to drive his people to the promised land because they are God’s Chosen. It was good the author incorporated that because then the barriers that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have could be broken, possibly. After noticing that major similarity, I observed a well-formulated text. It fell in order and lightly explained the reason for the belief of the common religions. Again, observing the text, it was clear to follow the summaries of the three common religions. Each chapter’s description was clear on its point. I was able to locate the next reading by simply continuing down the page that would lead me to understand the common ground or similarities within the next religion. I have observed a well-thought order of events. In evaluating strengths of the reading, the author had a lot of strength in facts. I was able to find more credible sources that backed statements made by Bryan McAnally. The one weakness that I must mention is that the book didn’t provide enough general differences between religions. For example, out of curiosity and questioning everything, the text did not provide answers to a few of them. Such as prayer practices. That could have separated Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. An interesting point that stood out was that all three religions claim to be God’s chosen people. It would have been interesting to have included at least three different believers of faith to explain why they are God’s Chosen. But the text does not include any source.

After thoroughly observing the text, I would recommend this book to anyone seeking to understand for Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. It was more so a beginner’s guide, in my opinion, since everything didn’t dive deeper. This text would push a student to further their research. Especially if the student has so many questions that this book didn’t have. 

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