Good is a large problem for the lower

Good morning my name is Kevin Tran. Income inequality is the unbalance of income that is circulated in a population. Income inequality is a problem that needs to be addressed because it affects the lower and middle class of America. Mark B. from the huffington post says that some of the most popular suggestions to address income inequality are to increase the minimum wage, limit CEO pay, raise taxes on super-high incomes, encourage companies not to hire jobs overseas, reinforce laws for anti-discriminatory hiring and encourage inner city job creation. While the Bernie Sanders webpage believes how income inequality should be addressed is by preventing large corporations from sending their profits and jobs overseas to prevent from having to pay U.S. income taxes, increasing the federal minimum wage to $7.25 to $15.00 per hour by 2020, investing $1 trillion over the course of five years to create at least 13 million jobs for Americans to rebuild our infrastructure, reversing trade policies like CAFTA with China, signing the Paycheck Fairness Act, making tuition free at colleges and universities, increasing the cap on taxable income above $250,000, making healthcare a right of citizenship, and breaking up large financial institutions. John D. Stutter believes how we should address income inequality is that we should become unified and remove the social barriers between the poor and the rich, unify the public school system, raise the minimum wage, raise the tax rates for the very wealthy, allow workers to play a larger part in companies, and establish a cap on campaign investment. My position on income inequality is that I belive it is a large problem for the lower and middle class of America and that the wealthy need to pay their share to help fix the issue. I believe what should be done is to raise the federal minimum wages to $15 an hour by 2021, invest in education, create more jobs by investing money into repairing infrastructure like roads and bridges, make the wealthy pay higher tax rates, have a penalty for companies hiring jobs overseas, enforce non discrimination hiring law, and have progressive taxes. I believe that these should be done because it provides more jobs for the lower class, makes the living conditions better for the lower and middle classes, and makes the wealthy pay a higher amount in taxes while lowering the amount for the lower and middle classes. Thank you for listening.