Gracing as 50% to createinnovation in the epoch

Gracing the headlines more and more often these days is ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and the Chinese Smartphone marketplace is certainly on top of this subject, by digging deeper into the possibilities that ‘AI’ may bring. I have read that Xiaomi are collaborating with Companies Nokia and Baidu, with the aim of providing technology, which will keep them a step ahead of other competitors. Xiaomi is decidedly a name to anticipate in the electronic gadgets market, whereby they are holding a 12% market share for smartphones and 30% for small gadgets that you can wear, within China.”They are planning to grow its development tech team by as much as 50% to createinnovation in the epoch of AI. In fact, Xiaomi launched an ArtificialIntelligence ‘Innovation Laboratory’ back in November 2016 andinvested quite considerably in what’s known as ‘Machine-learning’. ” “The next few years are going to be exciting in the ‘Gadget’s World’because Xiaomi are working towards the next generation of smartphoneswith AI incorporated, hopefully to be released some time in 2018!”I Personally love to be able to buy my electronic gadgets directly from source and without the ‘Designer-Brand’price tag! Plus, you are not compromising on high-quality technology just because you are paying £££’s less than you would if you bought your gadgets here in the UK and with the Brand ‘attached’ – In fact, take Xiaomi for example, one of the top selling China-Brand electronics within the Chinese market. (Apparently, Xiaomi is known as ‘The ‘Apple’ of China.’!)   “They provide products with the latest software and forward-thinking designs and features, well before they hit the UK.” Soon enough, Artificial Intelligence will become mainstream, being inclusive as standard within all electronic gadgets from smartphones to fitness bands. You may be surprised to know that Xiaomi have in excess of 50 million devices connected around the Globe; in particular, within the home. Their first AI incorporated product was their ‘AI’ Smart Speakers, which was in July 2017.  The speaker is intended to work with all members of the family, regardless of age. The Artificial Intelligence technology-based speaker can wake you up in the morning, read you the latest news updates and lots more. This amazing technology has the ability to control other ‘MI’ Home gadgets such as smart plugs and lamps, the kettle, microwave etc. The speaker also features the ability to learn from the users over time, making it more ‘personal’ to you and your lifestyle.So, to cap things off, Xiaomi’s AI technology will have a big user-base of millions of people benefiting from using the sensors and AI Processing elements in home electronics. They will certainly be at the forefront of this technology in China and Hong Kong, which is where you will be able to get your hands on these electronic gadgets before they even hit the UK as well!