Hamlet express how he feels about his mother’s


            Hamlet is a play, written by William Shakespeare in
the year 1601. The film illustrates the director’s interpretation, which is
seen for example Hamlet. It then influences the audience understanding of the
play and its plot or genre, because they now see and understand the play from
the viewpoint of the directors. In this portrayal of the movie of hamlet (1996),
he can be seen as an individual who is always in a constant battle between his
emotions due to the enormous pressure placed on him. The movie was given a
total rating of 4/5 mainly because it adheres more towards the play and story
rather making it seem more modern.

The setting of the
film takes place in the medieval period during the 15th century. This movie
uses Shakespeare texts. During Hamlet’s first contest with his emotions, he is
seen in a large room where he stands alone. This is significant because it
helps express how he feels about his mother’s marriage to Claudius (Derek
Jacobi). Another key circumstance about the scene is the way Hamlet performs as
soon as he approaches mirrors. As Hamlet begins his “To be or not to be—that
is the question”, he walks toward a mirror, which shows a reflection Hamlet’s
holding a dagger. With the stage, setting turned towards the castle to produce
a somewhat elegant atmosphere. Some scenes from the film often progress at a
slower rate mostly due to how they are filmed. One of the elements that Branagh
used in the film was mostly the use of mirrors as referred to hamlet’s
reflection of him holding a dagger. This is one of the key workings of the film
that Hamlet frequently uses throughout the movie. He is seen taking sights of
himself on the mirrors, not just in a single room but everywhere in the castle.
One of the negative things that people would criticize it, would be the length
of the movie because it was close to four hours of screen time. There are some
people who are not fans of Shakespeare’s work and as a result would not be
willing to watch a movie portraying what they are mostly not used to and not
likely to understand due to the language used. The length of the movie also
plays a big role because it deters other from watch it except for its visual
appeal which includes looking at how the characters interact and behave around
each other. Kenneth only chose characters that were talented and were mostly older
probably due to their experiences and or some other reason. The film made it seem like Hamlet was following
his father’s orders in the movie even though in the play he was portrayed as
making his own decision to kill his father’s murderer. This made the audience
feel better about Hamlet because he was taking action for his father’s death instead
of like the others during that period, sitting down and doing nothing,
figuratively. As he was inclined to fulfill the demands of his father, Hamlet enters
a mental predicament, as he is unable to choose whether to follow through and
kill his father’s murderer, or move on with his life, respecting the new king
and following his orders. When an individual’s choices conflicts with external
demands or pressure, the individual will not be able to have good personal and
or even a sane, right-minded life, and chances are the indecisiveness will likely
occur within his everyday life, and then ultimately lead to his or her downfall
like Hamlet’s tragic end as he was stabbed by a poisoned sword, which should
probably be a lesson to all.

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conclusion, Hamlets adaptation of the year 1996 was highly praised, won
nominated for several nominations. It was also regarded by critics as one of
the best Shakespearean adaptation of Hamlet. It eventually failed to be a box
office success due to its low gross which is just over $5 million on an $18
million budget.