It It has some user interface issues


It would be cheaper to purchase a package that contains more than one Microsoft suite for around the same price. It has good formatting tools that can enhance what you are creating and make what you are creating look professional. It doesn’t save your work for you. You have to do it yourself. So if you turn off your computer without saving your work then it will all be lost. Internet Explorer Free (Installed in your computer when purchased) Internet can be used in many ways. It is used for communicating with others, gaming; purchasing things etc. with internet explorer you can almost do anything.

You can socialise with people and talk to your friends. You can also purchase things and pay the bill. You do not have to go out of the house. Internet explorer is free. However you need a network provider, if you do not have a network provider then you cannot access the internet. Alongside with this you have to pay the network provider. It is cheap. You do not have to pay for it. People can hack into your computer using the internet. You can use the internet to download and install updates for your computer. You can get other web browsers that are better, faster and safer. Paint Free (installed in your computer when purchased)

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Paint allows you to create pictures using tools that it provides. It is easy to use. It is not the best of programs for creating and editing pictures. You don’t have to pay for it. The picture quality isn’t that good. It doesn’t have complicated tools and functions. They are all pretty straightforward. It doesn’t have all the functions that a person may want or need. Alternatives The following table shows what alternatives I can use for the application software I used. Name of Application Alternative Application The way it works Advantages Disadvantage Difference it would make if I used it Microsoft word

open office word Open office word has the same features as word. But along with this it also has extra features that other Microsoft programs have. It works on all operating software’s. This includes windows, mac and Linux. It has different icons to that of Microsoft word so using it for the first time will be difficult. Not a lot of difference would be made. The only difference is that you will not be paying for it. It is an open source meaning that you can alter it and make modifications for free. Its processing speed is slower than Microsoft word. It takes longer to save and load files. It is free.

So you can do almost everything that you can on word for free. It has some user interface issues and uses a lot of your systems memory. Microsoft publisher Open office publisher It works the same way as Microsoft publisher. It is written in Java. So it does not need to be ported to other operating systems, it should run straight away on any system with a Java runtime. People that are new to the software may find it difficult to use because it has different functions to Microsoft publisher. The only difference made is that you will not be paying for it and its toolbar will be different to that of Microsoft word.

It is an open source and is free to modify. Open offices overall processing speed when editing and saving is quite slow. You can do almost everything that you can on Microsoft publisher for free. Because open office is a free application the only place you can find help and support on it is on the internet. And this information is given informally. If you have a problem and need help you will have to search the internet for an answer. Internet explorer Mozilla Firefox It is another type of web browser. It works the same as Internet Explorer. This web browser is not targeted that much by hackers.

The forum can get really badly messed up at times; if this happens then the forum software can be barely usable. The only difference is that the web browser is safer and there is a less chance of getting spyware. Also there is a less chance of your computer getting hacked. With Mozilla Firefox there is less chance of you getting spyware on your computer. Spyware results in your computer running slower than normal. It has been reported by a lot of users that this web browser crashes a lot. It is faster than internet explorer. Webpages load faster. For first time users it might be a bit difficult to use.

paint Paint. net It works the same as paint. But it has better formatting tools etc. It is better at creating and editing pictures than normal paint. Compared to other picture editing programs it has basic editing capabilities. It will make pictures look better than it would on paint. It cheap. So you can get pictures without paying for it. It works with windows only. It works well with windows. It does not support layers. Mozilla Firefox after it has loaded a webpage Input The following table states the input devices that I have used and errors that can be made from it and how to correct errors.

Device Speed Errors that can be made Way to correct errors Keyboard A keyboard is measured in wpm. This means words per minute. Errors that can be made are that wrong words can be typed and also wrong keystrokes can be entered. Also if you are using a command line interface then wrong commands can be entered. When typing type carefully. After you have finished typing do a spell and grammar check and also get someone to proof read your work. Mouse The speed of a mouse depends on how fast a person uses a mouse. However it can be measured in dpi. Known as dots per inch.

This is when the computer calculates how long it takes for the computer to process what the mouse is doing and other things to do with a mouse. You can click on wrong icons when trying to click on other icons. If it is a wireless mouse the battery may run out and also the laser may not work properly. When clicking on icons make sure that the cursor is on top of the correct icon before clicking. Get rechargeable batteries or change the mouse to a wired mouse. Scanner A scanner is measured in seconds. It times how long it takes for the document, picture or photograph to be scanned and then displayed on the computer.

The lower the resolution of the original paper the quicker it takes for the paper to get scanned. The paper that needs to be scanned maybe scanned the wrong way round. Also the scanner might not be connected to the computer properly. There could also be spelling errors on the page and the page might not get scanned properly. Do a pre-scan before scanning your work to check which way you have to scan. Also make sure that your scanner is connected properly. Keyboard To detect errors in my work I done a spell and grammar check. I also checked it myself and got others to proof read it for mistakes.

I corrected the errors by retyping out the words that I spelt wrong using a dictionary. When typing I made sure that I typed correctly and I used a dictionary to help type words that I did not know the spelling of. Mouse To detect any errors I checked what program I had opened up. I corrected errors by checking what icon I am going to click on before I selected it. And if I selected a wrong icon I closed it and opened up the right one. In my work I made sure that the buttons in my work were placed with spaces in between so that the buttons weren’t too close. This makes it a less chance of clicking on other buttons by accident.

Scanner When my worked had been scanned I looked a preview at it to see it had been scanned properly. I done a pre-scan of a document to check that the document I scanned was the right way round. I also made sure that all the wires were connected properly. I made sure that I scanned my work properly before putting it into my work. Effects of Inaccurate Data The table below shows the effect of inaccurate data. Data Effect Way it can be prevented Spelling and grammar mistakes in website. Spelling mistakes in the website will make people think that the company is not a good professional company.

Also spelling mistakes may get people using the website confused. Before putting the work on the website do a spell check. Also get people to do a proof check of your work. Hyperlinks not linked correctly The hyperlink if misspelt may not work properly and people will not be able to use it. Also people will think that the company is not very professional Make sure that the hyperlink is connected correctly and also spelt correctly. The best method of checking the accuracy of data is to do a spell and grammar checks on the computer. This is because the computer is more accurate than humans.

Also you could do a proof check yourself and also tell others to do it for you. Validation Validation is to make sure that all the information is valid and correct. It is important because if you have inaccurate data then information can be wrong and a lot of mishaps can happen. With different input methods there may be side effects that can affect the accuracy of the data. Verification Verification is how accurate something is and how truthful something is. One example of this is someone’s personal data. If one bit of their data is not accurate and up to date then this could cause problems. Take for example someone who is booking.