User Requirements Burgers away is a new chain of fast food, takeaway and drive-through outlets in the UK. Asmin Tariq is the Managing Director of Burgers Away. The head office is in Northton and has six main departments. A new branch is due to open on February 14th in Westchester. Sarah Wright has been appointed the new branch manager. Sarah will have a desktop computer that she will use to perform the following tasks: Recording weekly sales figures  Producing leaflets and flyers for local promotions Recording staff hours.

Producing letters Keeping staff records, including photographs  Ordering supplies locally, e. g. salad items. In the new Westchester branch there is a computer terminal at each sales point (two inside the branch and one for the drive-through). Sarah’s computer is linked to the three sales point terminals by means of LAN and to Head Office by means of WAN. I have a maximum of ? 2000 to spend on the complete system and any additional hardware and software. Hardware And Software For Sarah’s new computer system she will need the following:

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Inputs Input devices Input devices enable the user to enter data, commands and programmes into the computers central processing unit (CPU) – its brain. There are many such input devices, but some of the most common ones are:  Keyboard  Mouse  Rollerball Scanner  Digital camera  Microphone Joystick. Keyboard The keyboard is the most commonly used input device and is used to key in data or to enter commands to the computer. The great majority of keyboards follow the standard IBM layout and design.

Touching or pressing a key sends an electrical signal to the computer which interprets it as a character or function. The keyboard is divided into four main areas:  Function keys across the top  Letter keys in the main section  A numeric keypad on the right * Cursor movement and editing keys between the main section and the numeric keypad. A computer keyboard is almost the same as a typewriter, apart from a few extra keys and specialised functions. The standard layout for most typewriters and keyboards is called the QWERTY layout.