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Have you ever been punished on ExtinctionPvP before or any other servers?I have not been punished on Extinction because it has not opened yet, but other than that I am currently banned off CosmicPrisons for a problem regarding a chargeback that happened because of a person getting into my Paypal and authorizing the payment to said server. The money was 40$, I know it isn’t that much but I didn’t want money on a server I didn’t play on.What are your past experiences as staff?My latest server I was staff on was VeltPvP, I was SrMod on their but recently resigned due to staff team managers changes and I didn’t agree with who they chose and how they chose them, I was at Velt for about 4 1/2 months. The next server I was staff on was Valux and that is the server I was at the shortest amount of time for as I joined their staff team only a week later I resigned due to it being a closed beta only and the server was basically falling apart. Before Valux I was staff on FaithfulHCF, I was Admin there for approximately 3 months but was demoted due to an inappropriate joke I made with other staff playing a server with them. Last but not least PvPingMc, I was there for 3 Months as a JrMod but resigned because of how the server was being run, the basis of it was that the owner was not on for a very long amount of time and no one else ran the server besides him. (He was off for 7-8 Months)What makes you stand out from other applicants?As a staff member that can come to learn from others and lead people that desire to be led and need to be pushed, I believe that my experience as a staff member and basic knowledge of what to do makes me stand out from other applications. All applications are good and unique in their own way but I believe that you will see that I, like everyone else, am a one of a kind, while my main priority on servers is staffing.How would you benefit ExtinctionPvP?I can benefit Extinction with my past experience being staff, being a mature staff as well as a member, being a functioning member of the Factions community I know what they want and how they will act to certain responses and I beleive that my past experiences will help this server in the long run as a lot of people will be applying and most likely people new to being staff, I can support these other staff that do not know much about being a functioning member of the team and teach them what they need to know.Please answer the below scenarios based on what you would do in a situation. Assume that you have all the commands and permissions to deal with the situation.1) A user joins the server and starts advertising another server IP in public chat. What do you do?If I had the perms to I would IP ban them, or regular perm ban (depending on the servers guidelines and staff handbook) for Advertising, and clear the public chat. Even though clearing chat doesn’t really work in the sense that they can go back into their own. minecraft folder and look at Logs not everyone would do it and so It would help to reduce the number of players that actually saw the players advertisement.2) Two users start arguing in public chat. Everyone starts to get annoyed and joins in on the argument. What do you do?I would message the 2 players that are arguing and have them possibly bring it to pm’s or just overall stop, if they continued I would warn them. Most likely by then they would stop and the situation would be over, based off the handbook I would work my way up on the punishments for them, most likely a temporary mute for them to calm down or bring it to pm’s. While all this happening with the 2 players make sure to pm the people that are annoyed and make sure they stop arguing in chat.3) A user is fighting against a known suspected hacker. They message you suspecting the player is hacking. What do you do?I would watch them for up to 3-5 minutes and get a higher staff’s opinion, If they were looking fishy I would /freeze them (considering that is a thing for this server) and screenshare him.Is there anything you would change about ExtinctionPvP?The forums are currently under-informing and need to be updated with the rules and the map information to come up.Any additional information that you’d like to add?I am currently in my Junior (11th) year of high school so my days are cut a bit short as school comes first.I have been staffing on servers for about 2-3 years now and really never lose enjoyment in it.I have been playing Minecraft since 2013, I currently play CS:GO in my free time which is a great way to get stress off (even if it doesn’t seem like it).?