Have vines, and his room disappears until he’s


Have you ever read the children’s book WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE by Maurice Sendak?  In it, a boy name Max gets sent to his room
without dinner for misbehaving.  He then
imagines that his room literally turns into a sea which he sails to a
mysterious land with  a jungle full of
beasts.  This begins with his  bed posts becoming trees, his walls vines,
and his room disappears until he’s actually transported.  This was all to due the power (and in his
case) the necessity of his imagination. 
He felt sad, cornered and trapped, so he used his imagination to
escape.  Interestingly, people come to
the theatre for the same reason-to escape. 
So as actors, it’s our responsibility to employ our imaginations like
Max to play make believe.  This then
awakens the  audience’s imagination!  Beautiful, isn’t it?  In this chapter, we’ve done a lot of baseline
work asking questions about the scene, deciding many specific details about the
setting and characters.  Now it’s time to
put it into action.  There’s this
misnomer I’ve often heard that great actors actually believe they are the
characters they play.  Um…this is
crazy.  If that were true, they would be
clinically insane (not to mention extremely difficult to work with).  What they are tremendous at is choosing to be their characters and
engaging in the imagined reality that
they’ve chosen.  It’s up to you to always
choose your imagined reality in a scene over the actual reality you are
inhabiting.  If you are in an audition
room, you have to decide and commit to the room transforming, like Max in Where the Wild Things Are, into another
place-the place you’ve chosen to imagine! 
Even if it’s difficult and you find it hard to focus, it is vital that you
continue to commit.   In an era of smart
phones, computer screens and televisions-you’re used to seeing images on a
small screen.  You’ll be surprised how
this has affected your ability to live in an imaginary world.  Chances are you have flattened and miniaturized
you imagery.  Please take the opportunity
to imagine things that include their actual size, shape and depth.  If you decide that your are in a forest, for
instance, make sure the trees are towering above you, and not the size of your
average Christmas tree.  See the branches
extending in whatever vivid colors you’ve chosen.  The whole point of this is help you escape
the prison of your own self-consciousness.