Heat  concentration  pressure

I am trying to find out how temperature effects the speed of the reaction: Mg + 2HCl i?? MgCl2 + H2 The reaction can be effected by many different factors these are listed below:  Heat  Concentration  Pressure The variable I am going to change is heat and the rest of the variables I will keep the same. Prediction I predict that as the temperature increases the speed of the reaction will increase. This is because as the temperature increases the bonds between the magnesium particles weaken and the particles move around more (vibrate more) as the particles have been given more heat energy.

This means that the particles will break more easily, therefore becoming far more susceptible to form bonds with other particles in the displacement reaction. Making the overall reaction quicker. Method The above diagram shows the experiment that I shall do to test the way that temperature affects the speed of the reaction, Magnesium + hydrochloric acid i?? magnesium chloride + hydrogen. Explanation of the diagram I will mix the 2 substances that I will use for the experiment, magnesium and hydrochloric acid in a test tube. I will then seal the test tube with a bung, and place a tube connecting it.

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The tube will enable any hydrogen created in the reaction between magnesium and hydrochloric acid to pass through the tube into the other test tube. The hydrogen passing to a separate inverted test tube that will be full of water and immersed in a ice cream tub full of water through the tube will create bubbles in the inverted test tube. When the hydrogen stops flowing (creating bubbles in the inverted test tube) we will know that the reaction has stopped, because hydrogen will only flow out of the tube when there is reactions between the magnesium and chloride particles. Measuring and experiment details.

To investigate temperature change I will need to the change the temperature of the mixture in the reaction. I will complete 6 different experiments each at a different temperature, starting at 10i?? C going upwards in 10 i?? C intervals up to 60i?? C; I will repeat each experiment. I will get the correct temperatures for the mixture for each experiment by placing the beaker with the acid in, into an individually set water bath for each experiment. Once the acid is at the correct temperature I will add it to the appropriate place in the pre-set position in the experiment apparatus shown above.