‘Holes’ pretend he was at camp with stuffed

‘Holes’ by Louis Sacher A Character Study At the begining of the story is big, soft and overweight. He is bullied by a smaller boy at school, he had no friends and din’t feel good about himself. It wasn’t just the pupils who he was bullied by, Mrs Bell his maths teacher was teaching ratio’s, for an example she chose two people out of the class to come and stand in front of the class, she chose the heaviest child and the lightest child in the class(Stanley was the haeviest), she weighed them both, Stanley was three times bigger than the lighter child, Mrs Bell wrote on theboard that St anley was 3:1 to the light child not knowing how much embarresment she has just caused them both.

I think Stanley used to get bullied on at school because he was seen as a natural victim, people could see that he was soft so he was bullied. Stanley’s happiest thoughts are about about his life at home and also about his mother and father, he never has had much money in his life, he has never been to camp before, he used to pretend he was at camp with stuffed animals and things like that, he got on well with his father, when he was on the bus going to camp green lake all he

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could hear was the sound of his dads voice singing to him before he went to sleep, I know that he cares about his mother because when he writes home he lies to her so she stays happy, he says that he is doing water sports and swimming everyday, when really he is having a dreadfull time digging holes all day everyday.

Stanley is a very inteligent boy, he’s allways making connections between things. He quickly works out the connections between KB on the lipstick tube and kissing ‘kate barlow’. Stanley is not very ‘street wise’, he’s sometimes slow to realise how the other boys think and feel. He firstly upsets Zig-zag and then he upsets Armpit. The crime that Stanley was supposed to have commited was stealling Clive Livingstones trainers from a homeless shelter.

When Stanley upsets Zig-Zag he gets into a fight, he was loosing so Zero helped him and hit Mr Pendandski across the head with a shovel, Zero got scared and ran, Stanley soondevelops a sense of responsibility for Zero and feels guilty when Zero runs away. The next day Stanley was waiting in line to have his canteen filled when he see’s that the key’s are in the igntion, without thinking he jumps into the van and drives into the desert in search of Zero. Stanley sometimes suprises himself by being extremly brave.

Life at camp greenlake changed Stanley alot, he is no longer fat, weak and he is no longer bullied, but most of all he has become alot more brave than he used to be,here are some times when Stanley was a brave person; He stole the water truck to look for Zero. He carried Zero up the mountain. He went to look for Zero with no water. He stayed still when yellow spotted lizzards were on him. By Jay Lyall 9B.