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“How are you today Adam?” Lucy asked as I handed her money for food later on in the day. “Not bad Lucy, how are you?” I replied back.”Same old same old” Lucy joked.Lucy was homeless. She “lived” on the streets of San Jose California, next to Walgreens. I lived in a townhouse on Bernal Road, San Jose California. Every day as I walked to work, I would pass Walgreens and see Lucy huddled in a corner, piled with blankets so I can’t see anything but her bare toes and face. She deserves so much better than living in the streets and having pennies being thrown at her. Today was the first day that I noticed that Lucy was pregnant! I had loved Lucy from the first day I saw her. The black hair, the perfect face, and her tan skin from the sunrise that gleamed in her eyes every morning. I try to talk to Lucy about once a day, so she actually has someone to talk to. Today, very early in the morning, around 6:00 a.m. while I was walking to work, I stopped to look at Lucy, she looked like she was about to give birth right on the spot, contracting every 5-6 minutes! I quickly knelt down and offered to take her to the hospital. Lucy agreed, she took my hand, I called a cab, and we quickly rushed to the hospital. We arrived just as Lucy was about to burst into screaming tears of pain. The birth was amazing and Lucy handled it so well, it was one of the most beautiful, yet disturbing moments in my life. I let her squeeze my hand as hard as she wanted, as tears of pain and breaths of tiredness seeped out of Lucy like a waterfall. My hand was turning purple but I had to keep up, I took a damp towel and wiped Lucy’s forehead with it. It was only 5 minutes later when we heard the doctor say one more push. Lucy was tired, exhausted and ready to be done but she kept on going.Lucy was sitting up in the bed and holding her new baby girl. I was next to her sitting in a chair, looking at the baby as if it were my own. “What are you going to name her?” I asked. “I think she looks like an Anabelle” Lucy replied, “Don’t you?” “Yes” I replied back. “She has your eyes” I said, taking a chance. “I work at San Jose University, right across from where you live” I said, taking another chance. “I have always thought that you deserve much better than what you have, and I want to be the person to make your life feel satisfied.” I said, looking at the floor with hope. “Thank you.” Lucy said blushing” I think you’re beautiful.” I said back. “Both of you. And I know this is a long shot, but here it goes.” I said with a straight face, looking straight into Lucy’s eyes. “Will you marry me?” I hopefully asked, getting off the seat and starting to kneel down. Lucy froze for a minute, put her hand over her mouth. Tears started to trickle down her cheeks and onto her baby’s soft, pink blanket.