How does the director of Friends

“Friends” is a very popular American sitcom because it deals with real life issues and people can relate to that and have a laugh. The show is set in America New York and it is the most popular sitcom made. The cast get a huge amount of money because it’s a very popular sitcom and it is shown in a lot of countries. A lot people watch “Friends” because sometimes they can get ideas from there and use them to help resolve some situation in their own life. The program “Friends” is one of the most popular television programs in the world it is shown in most of Europe and all of USA.

“Friends” is a situation comedy and this is a popular genre of television programme. Other examples of situation comedies are Will and Grace, Frasier, Dharma and Gregg, Only fools and Horses, and My family. A genre means a type of Television show like “Friends” is a sitcom there other genres such as horror, action, comedy drama etc. The reason why people watch “Friends” is because it makes them laugh and you can release the stress you had through the day.

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Its funny it deals with every day situations that is one of the biggest reasons why people watch “Friends” so they can relate to the sitcom. The first thing you see is a black screen where with yellow writing says the one with which tells us what episode this is. It’s in yellow handwriting so you can clearly see which episode that is. One of the most important things to a sitcom is the opening titles. ” Friends” opening title are very good they grab your attention straight away so you stop flicking through the channels and watch it.

It shows clips of every character so it introduces you to the sitcom and you know who each character is, it also has good music which is in time with the clips and what the characters do on the opening titles. The opening titles also show you that it’s a funny sitcom and show what’s going to happen in the next series or what has happened in the past series. The shot of New York with the “Friends” logo tells you that this sitcom is very good and is set in a good place unlike only Fools and Horses.

There are a lot of stars and actors that have played in it because its popular people like Bruce Willis, Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt Have played in”Friends” because it’s a very popular sitcom. The yellow writing is handwritten which shows you how natural the show is. The theme song is called “ill be there for you” it is called that because that’s what friends are about in real life so you can relate to that, it is preformed by the Rembrandts. The theme song makes a lot of sense with happens in “Friends” and in real life.

After hearing the song you will think that the show is funny because of the beat and the clips with it. The song is very uplifting it is why it catches your attention. The lyrics also go in with the genre of the sitcom. These are some of the lyrics to the song. So no one told you that life was going to be this way: This part of the song applies to Rachel green because she did not think that life was going to be the way that it turned out. Your job’s a joke you’re broke your love life’s DOA: Joey is nearly always broke and his job is not exactly getting him anywhere, most of the time he has to borrow money off Chandler.

It’s like you’re always stuck in second gear, Phoebe seems to be stuck in second gear because she doesn’t have a job or a boyfriends it seems her life has no meaning. When it hasn’t been your day your week your month or even your year, This refers to the viewers as well as the characters in the sitcom. I’ll be there for you….. : Meaning that friends are there when you need them. When the rain starts to fall…. : The rain starts to fall refers to when bad things happen your friends will be there. I’ll be there for you….

Like I’ve been there before: Meaning that a good friends has done a favour for you. I’ll be there for…. ‘Cause you’re there for me too. Because friends are there for you too Without the music it wouldn’t have done so well because the song is exactly what the show is about. The cast of the show are Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green Gellar, Courtenay Cox Marquette as Monica Gellar-Bing, Lisa Kudos as, Phoebe Buffy, Matt LeBlanc as Joey Tribune, Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing and David Swimmer as Dr. Ross Gellar.

In every series that they have been in they have always made new styles that people want to copy, so that makes “Friends” stylish and attractive to the eye, The thing that will get your attention is the opening titles where they are dancing around a fountain with umbrellas and having fun like friends do, so this shows you that they are funny people and not boring. Joey is an actor who always gets bad roles and he is the ladies man in “Friends” he is one of the funniest characters. Ross Gellar is a professor he is a paleontologist he is the one that is the cleverest in “Friends” and is the richest out of them all.

He has an on and off relationship with Rachel Green. Rachel Green works in Ralph Loran she never has enough money and she has an on and off relationship with Ross Gellar. Phoebe Buffay is the craziest of all the people in “Friends” she doesn’t have a lot of money as well she used to sing songs in the cafi. Chandler Bing is really sarcastic and makes stupid jokes he works in a company and is married Monica he can be really annoying with his jokes but if one of the funniest people in “Friends” Monica is a very lively person she is obsessed with cleaning her job is a chef in a restaurant and she is married to Chandler.

I like watching “Friends” because it makes me laugh it is relaxing and I can relate to everyday situations from it because in it they show things that happen to me and you the just show it in a funnier way. The opening titles are very important because the sitcom has to grab your attention in order for you to stop and watch it. The opening titles give you a good idea of what is happening in the sitcom and tell you the personality of each character. The opening titles of “Friends” are on of the keys that made “Friends” a successful sitcom it just does everything right in the opening titles.

The 3 short clips to introduce each character the music suits the sitcom the people dancing and laughing and dancing together in the fountain this all show how friendly and natural the sitcoms is and that’s what people like friendly and natural sitcoms that make you laugh and relate to them. All the people in “Friends” are funny and natural they all have different stories but in the end it shows that friends are always there for you and are more important than anything else that’s what makes “Friends” one of the most successful sitcoms ever made.