Humans This is why extroverts tend to be

Humans have personalities that reflect the character of
themselves. Various kinds of characters owned by each person are certainly very
diverse for each individual. Like an object that has a special characteristic
that distinguishes one from another, human also has characteristics that
reflect the attitude and personality itself. Based on the variety and
characteristics of human beings, a group of psychology scientists tries to
classify humans into certain types. Because then, it is expected that they can
understand and know each other well. Thus, if we are to describe or analyze a
person’s personality, firstly we have to divide that personality into several
characteristics that can be seen and measured. A Swiss psychology scientist,
Carl Jung, classifies and divide human personality into two types, “Extrovert”
and “Introvert”.  An extrovert is the
type of human personality that known to have a focus on the outside world. On
the other hand, Introvert has a different focus with extrovert type people. The
focus that introverts have on the world in the human mind is that they prefer
to be in their own world because it is more closed, private, and secure. But,
in my opinion, introvert people are way smarter than extrovert people. Unlike
extrovert people, introvert people have a better brain, critical thinking,
learn to analyze before doing something even from the moment they were born.

    Firstly, introvert
people has a better brain than the extrovert from the moment they were born.
The brains of introvert and extrovert have a different way of processing their
brain. Extroverts have a lower level of activation, causing them to seek out a
higher level of stimulation so they can feel challenge or alert that can
stimulate them to do it at their best. It has something to do with dopamine
that found on the brain of extroverts and introverts. Extroverts’ brain is less
sensitive to dopamine, so they need something to trigger their dopamine to
increase and makes them feel alert because of it. The more extrovert people
talk, move, seeing more people, and doing something, the more they feel
pleasant of dopamine on their brain. 
This is why extroverts tend to be more social. They see that the world
is something that is influenced by them, so they like to associate in the
outside environment and liked to get praised by other people about something on
their doings. But, the problem occurs when the dopamine makes extroverts very
enthusiastic on doing something that makes them having less caution at the risk
of what they are doing. Meanwhile, introverts have a higher level of
activation, makes them prefer doing a lower level of stimulation since they
need less stimulation to feel satisfied. Introverts brain are sensitive to
dopamine, so too much of it makes us feel overstimulated and anxious. This is
why introvert people prefer to be alone, they also tend to listen to other
rather than talk like how extroverts do. Introverts also like to think and
imagining over something and they always analyzing before doing something. This
is my very first reason what makes me think that introverts are smarter than

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    Secondly, introvert
people are tended to think critically than the extroverts. A study completed by
Randy Buckner of Harvard University discovered that introverts tended to have
thicker and larger gray matter in their prefrontal cortex – a region of the
brain that is linked to abstract thought and decision-making, while the
extrovert people had less gray matter. So, it means that introverts are a
critical thinking that always thinks before making a decision. Unlike
extroverts who just taking action with high enthusiasm and less thinking before
doing something, introvert people carefully thinking about making any decision
and finding into conclusion that will be the best solution for the decision.
For example, if there are two people who are extrovert and introvert questioned
to describe something, the extrovert person will answer according to their
imagination and spontaneously. Meanwhile, the introvert person will think first
about the characteristic of the things and answer it according to their
personal description. So, specifically, we can see the difference between this
two in the aspect of thinking. Extroverts talk more abstractly, while
introverts talk more concretely, at least when it comes to describing things.
Hence, this is what strengthens my opinion why introverts are smarter than

    Lastly, introvert
people like analyze things rather than extrovert people. If we talk about the
ability to analyze something, it will connect to what kind of intelligence that
these two have to be able to analyze something. And as we know, Intelligence
Quotient (IQ) is the center of counting to measure how clever someone is. The
bigger the IQ of someone is, the smarter of him/her to analyze the problem. In
1985, there’s a report by Robinson (seep309 in the International Handbook of
Personality and Intelligence) that introverts doing better on the intelligence
test rather than extroverts. This thing occurring because introverts people are
preferred to analyze the problem and deeply thinking over and over to find the
solution of the problem. The recent studies also show that because of
introvert’s careful and unassuming mannerism, they make great employees and
bosses too. They pay attention to every detail and observe every problem
without exception. Because of this, introverts will make a great leader. They
will mostly be trusted, respected and even admired by their colleagues and
employees because of their calculating ways and patience. This is proved by
some of the world’s top inventors are introverts. Believed to be the most
intelligent people in the world, they prefer not to bragging about themselves
and keep the focus on their craft. As an example, Bill Gates, Larry Page and
Albert Einstein are all introverts. With this prove, I believe that introvert
people create the most wonderful new ideas and invention with their personality
as an introvert.

    Therefore, with all
of the statement that I have written above, I believe that introvert people are
way smarter than extrovert. Even you think not all introvert is that smart, I
believe that introverts are born to think critically and extrovert are born to
think creatively. This mean, extroverts are good only on social, creative and
confidence while introverts are preferring to be alone, critical thinker and
good with analyzing.