I advanced technology where I excel , polish

I Syed Quosian Haider son of Syed Zahid Hussain belong
to backward area of Pakistan i.e Gilgit Baltistan, despite being resident of a
remote and poverty striken hilly area with no regional resources of any
consequence, never let my humble circumstances impede my educational progress.
Dwellers have to face lot of hurdles in education such as natural calamity,
imperfection of education, poverty, terrorism, prejudice on basis of politics
and sects etc. Due to these problems I moved bording school at the age of 12.          

            The challenging and
difficult environment has rather uplifted me and supported me to evolve into a
creative, intellectual, dependable and innovative individual who can get going
when the going get tough. My score in higher secondary school is a
certification of my claim.

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            With my
qualification, I qualify for higher education in Electrical engineering on
scholaship in many private and public sector universities of Pakistan but my
dream and zeal of advanced education compelled me to further my education from
world standard prestigious university in advanced technology where I excel ,
polish and shine leads me to your esteem and respected university. After my
high school I searched for the advanced university where needy and intellectual
people get opprtunity to realize their dearms and aims. I got all the more
inspired to fulfill my dream education from this esteemed land when I know about
advanced teaching methodolgies employed in your engineering department. Besides
of my desires, South Korean innovation and technology moved me to your well
reputated institution. Gratuation from your instiution leads me to secure and
well paid jobs. I also get opportunities to quench my thurst of knowledge.

                 I have acquired
excellent grades in my matriculation and high school examinations. I am hard
working and dedicated. I have remained topper throughout my school. From the
being of my studies, I acquired scholarships from my prior institutions. I had
the honor of getting best academic award. I 
remained student of the year in my school. I served as house incharge in
hostel  and prefect of my class which
furnish my leadership qualities.

                   Founder of Pakistan Muhammad
Ali Jinnah has great influenced on me. His saying always motivates me to work
hard. He was  consummate leader. His love
to hormony, humanity and faith are idle to me.

                   I have proved
my credentials in both curricular and extra-curricular activities by bagging
many distincions on school and district level. In indoor games, I excelled in
chess and checker. I am best in polo, hiking, football and swimming. I gained
skills in photoshop and MS office. I have strong grip on typing and know work
on programing language GW basics. I have also participated in debates and
speech competitions. I love to help others that’s why I joined social
societies. I serve ISO pakistan to serve humanity .

                  I am ambition and dedicated to get standard
education from your prestigious university. Looking forward to an opportunity
to equip myself with top of the your university education to be able to
contribute to the betterment of humanity.