I allow me to not only be a

I am writing to
you today to express my desire to become a student of Ohio University’s
Physician Assistant Practice Program. I heard about this program through my
freshman year academic advisor, Elisabeth Kunstel, at Ohio University’s Athens
campus. I wish to be accepted into your program because I believe my work
ethic, skills, and experiences are positive reflections of the program’s
mission and goals. This graduate experience will allow me to become better
suited for a career as a Physician Assistant, by providing me with advanced
knowledge in clinical practice, leadership, diversity, and empathy.  


As stated by the
program’s mission statement, the curriculum is designed to create leaders out
of its students that can be used within their careers. My enclosed resume lists
several of my previous leadership experiences that illustrate my desire to
become a role-model figure. In April of 2016, I won the First Year Outstanding
Student Award for the College of Health Sciences and Professions at Ohio
University. This award was given to me for displaying commitment to academics
and for showing potential as a future successful leader. I stayed committed to
my schoolwork, while also becoming actively involved on campus. I also am
employed as a tutor and a learning community leader through Ohio University,
where I work with other students to guide and encourage them to be successful. My
work experiences have also allowed me to interact with a diverse group of
students and show compassion in regards to others, as supported by your program.
I majored in applied nutrition for my undergraduate degree, which provided me with
detailed knowledge and skills that will permit me to thrive in the coursework
that pertains to the clinical nutrition series.

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To be accepted
into the Physician Assistant Practice Program would be a great honor to me. The
mission and goals displayed through the curriculum will allow me to not only be
a successful caregiver through medical treatment, but also through building
trusting relationships with my colleagues and patients. I am able to be
contacted through my cell phone, which is 440-821-7938, and by email at [email protected] Thank you for your time
and consideration.