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I do not agree with the house as I believe that Assassination is not the way.
Murder can never be justified and if we also become executioner without the support of the law, there will not be much difference between us and the dictator. The government which is formed after the assassination of the dictator will not have the moral and legal legitimacy which may result in the lack of support for such government and ultimately its fall.
If we are going to murder dictators for being murderers themselves, then we may as well remove the legal system. After all, it’s not exactly fair for us to assassinate/murder dictators when we allow or grant other people who have gone against the law a fair trial in court. Using force to suppress another force isn’t a right way
Any new government founded upon such an arbitrary act will lack moral legitimacy, undermining its popular support and making its failure likely. our goal was to live in peace and harmony through mutually beneficial trade and respect. Killing a person who disrupts that tranquillity would defeat the goal entirely. We must solve it peacefully, not by using another extreme force.
Assassination cannot be justified unless the people are in very severe danger.
if a brutal dictator is removed from authority, it’s a bit difficult to see what the benefit of execution is. When someone is responsible for the deaths of thousands of people, how does the execution of that person serve justice or liberal democracy or human rights?

Assassinating a dictator leaves a country in Chaos
After you assassinate a dictator for good reasons, you often don’t think about what happens to that country afterwards. There might not be anyone with enough experience to rule the country, which might be worse for that country than having a dictator.Four years after Muammar Gaddafi was killed in an uprising, the dictator’s legacy continues to haunt oil-rich Libya as it struggles to find its national identity. It descended into chaos after Gaddafi’s fall, with two governments vying for power and armed groups battling for control of its vast energy resources.

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My suggestion would be – to reduce violence in society, offer violent people a humane way out: the prospect of a fair trial and a decent warm prison cell with regular meals encourages criminals to surrender sooner rather than later; while the prospect of being brutally executed
The assassination attempt could become counterproductive as the external enemies or the inter minorities are rightly or wrongly blamed for the act which can cause rallying feeling around the repressive regime. Many assassination attempts have heavy collateral, civilian damage.by killing them you simply destabilize the state, not eliminate the threat.