I They also provide information for those who

I chose the website americapregnancy.org, or the American
Pregnancy Association website for promoting Pregnancy Wellness. The website
provided an ovulation calendar and a pregnancy calculator to help women figure
out when they can be pregnant and even how far along they are or could be in
their pregnancy. They also provide information for those who are trying to
conceive, those who are currently pregnant, and those who are about to give
birth or had just given birth. Not to mention the website also includes
information about pregnancy concerns and of course information about the
Association itself and how you might donate to it.

            One of the things I really
appreciate about this website is that they offer it in multiple languages from
which I find to be very important. I find this to be important because what if
someone who does not speak nor read very good English needs information about
being pregnant and they need to know if they should be concerned about some
symptoms they have been experiencing. This website allows for women in this
case or even men, who need information about pregnancy to access this
information without having to stress whether or not it is even in their
language. Another great thing I found is that this website contains a ton of
information. I had clicked on the tab for “Trying to Conceive” and then went
under the tab that said “Adoption” and I was so surprised to see some many
different things I could read about Adoption, including the processes and
agencies and even moral support on whether adoption is the proper thing to do.
An additional thing I found on the website was the “naturally” section under
the tab “your pregnancy”. I did not have much idea on what to expect whenever I
clicked on it but it turns out that it is natural remedies for different
problems. Some examples were how to treat migraines, salmonella poisoning, and
even varicose veins. I thought it was incredible that the creators of the
website took enough initiative to help even those who believe in natural

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            One thing I did not really like was
that under the Adoption tab it had all of those categories but it did not make
it very clear that the adoption is of the pregnant mother giving her child up
for adoption. Even though in some ways a person can infer that the person who
would be on this website would be pregnant but since adoption was under the
“trying to conceive” tab you would also assume that “adoption” was there as an
option for those who cannot conceive.

            There is not much I would change
about this website except that the website needs a little extra clarification
in some of the categories it has such as the “adoption” area not being clear on
who is adopting and how “naturally” you would assume might associate with
giving birth naturally rather than natural remedies during pregnancy. For
example they could of labeled the tab as “Natural Remedies”. Overall I really
liked the website and I would honestly like to come back to it one day when I
get pregnant and I need extra information.