In first hypothesis was accepted. Learners with higher

In this chapter the relationship between self-esteem and writing achievements of Iranian male and female students was analyzed. The statistical analysis of the collected data revealed that there was significant relationship between self-esteem and writing achievement. To test the hypotheses of the study, the correlation between variables was calculated using the SPSS. For the first hypothesis in this study

There is a significant correlation between self-esteem and writing achievement of Iranian EFL students.

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    For the first hypothesis in this study, the correlation of writing achievements and self-esteem of students was calculated and it revealed that there is significant correlation between these two variables. The correlation coefficient between self-esteem and EFL students’ English language writing achievements for the whole sample was 0.79 denoting that there was a significant positive relationship between the two factors. This means that there was a correlation between the two variables so, the first hypothesis was accepted. When student’s self-esteem increases, his/her achievement in English writing increases and vice versa. In light of this result, the first hypothesis was accepted. Learners with higher levels of self-esteem had higher writing but, students of low self-esteem had lower writing achievements scores. This can be due to the fact that students with higher self-esteem are expected to do well. These learners are certain of themselves and their abilities. They feel they can succeed in learning English. So, they try much and perform very efficiently while writing about a topic. However, students who have lower self-esteem expect to fail. They feel they do not succeed because they do not have the ability to concentrate and write English compositions. These groups of students are not certain of their ability to learn English. Therefore, these learners try less and tend to have weak writing achievements