In in growth of enterprise then he should

In any field- business,
politics, education or government, changes are vital. Any enterprise needs new
ideas, new policies and methods to gain more success. I strongly believe that
change in leadership should be considered after regular interval of time as new
leaderships bring fresh approach and is motivated to perform. Nevertheless, if
the leader is actively contributing in growth of enterprise then he should have
the opportunity to contest to remain in power

In five years of
duration, people of the organization or country get the fair idea about the
strengths and weakness of their leaders. The impact of the decisions and
policies carried out by leaders is visible to certain extent. Leaders are
motivated to perform to the best of their abilities as they are aware that they
can be removed from the power if not performed. There also have been instances
which made headlines in news where people in power misused their position,
followed unethical work practices and encouraged bribery and nepotism.  The process of change ensures that such
people are for sure removed after their tenure is over and a better leader is
appointed. For example in politics, in India, government is elected every five

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Any organization needs
innovative ideas along with latest and best of the working practices to evolve
and gain more success. As the technology keeps changing, it is wise to consider
change in leadership. For example in IT industry a project lead who graduated
15 years ago and not updated with current trends would not be able to
contribute in developing solutions using latest tools and programming practice and
therefore, change in leadership with better potential and knowledge is much
needed to handle the task. In education also, in my university the vice
chancellor and deans of department were changed after regular interval of time.
The constructive inputs of various experienced leaders added to the growth of
university in terms of establishing better research facilities and technology
training programs.

In some situations,
however frequent change may lead to an unstable enterprise as well. For
example, everyone is aware about the story of Steve jobs who was withdrawn from
the position of CEO and company started to sink in market. After realizing the
mistake of firing Job, Board brought him back to revive the failing business of
Apple. Therefore, if the leader has fecund mind and still in position to
achieve the targets then it would be wise to retain him in power and provide
the much needed stability to the organization.

 To sum, Change in leadership provides the thrust
required for the growth for any enterprise but an effective leader must be
given opportunity to compete with other potential leaders and may the best rule
for next tenure.