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In Germany in World War Two The youth in Germany were a very important factor In Hitler’s plan for world domination. Adolf Hitler persuades the youth to join his side in order to make future Germany stronger. He used the youth because they were young and the would believe most things that an adult would tell them. So Hitler used this to his advantage and made them think that Germany was the greatest place on earth and that the German race was the best race. Hitler made them think the same way he did. He did this by changing the schools education to his beliefs. The young boys were taught P.E. where they were taught to be strong,biology where they were taught about ethics, in history they were taught about Germany’s history, and in science the were taught the principles of war. The girls were taught to be a mother because their only purpose was to have kids and do the laundry and cook and other things that a mother would do. All of the education led to the child’s future purpose. By the time the youth reached adulthood they will be loyal and obedient to Hitler. They would now believe the Germany is the best country in the world and Hitler is the best leader in all of the world they would all be perfectly fit for their job. How did Hitler get the children to want to be Nazi’s  when they grow up.  Hitler used the school to get into the children’s heads.  Hitler used a Nazi curriculum to make the children believe that everything that Hitler said was right. The main idea of the curriculum was that Hitler was the greatest leader of all time and there is no other way to live because there is only one right way to live. Some of the curriculum was about the jews making them look bad so that the children would hate them. . This created a strong trustfull bond between Hitler and all the German children. The other reason that he could get to the children’s minds was through propaganda. There was propaganda in the books,on posters,in the news,on the radio,in school,in church, the kids even sang anti-semitic songs. Getting the children on Hitler’s side will build up the future Germany. Hitler’s plan is to have the biggest army because of all the kids that they have trained.Hitler used propaganda to make Germany be the biggest strongest country in the world. Hitler’s foreign policy showed his major goals. One of the major ways of spreading propaganda was through the political cartoons. One of his major plans was the one-thousand year reich. The one-thousand year reich was the third German reich but Hitler wanted it to last for one-thousand years. In order to  do so he needed a whole country to be on his side including the children. He knew that the future of Germany depended on the youth of Germany. So Hitler used the youth because they could easily be persuaded. The youth eventually the youth had to follow Hitler and Hitler made sure of it by passing a law in nineteen thirty-nine that said anyone in the Hitler youth program will join the military. Another major goal that Hitler was to get lebensraum which is the german word for living space. The whole point of living space is to get a bigger germany. Hitler wants to take over Europe, but the only way to take over the country is to get a bigger military is to use the youth. Hitler wanted to take over Europe to get more living space and to get more people in the country to have an overall bigger country. When the get the bigger country they would try to take over the world. After Hitler had the world he could show every person in the world that germany was truly the best.Hitler had youth camps that taught kids their future purpose and they were seperated by their gender. The boys camp for military training. In the military camp the boys played games that made them stronger and physicaly fit. These camps taught the boys how to march with correct technique and how to shoot guns. The camp also taught them how to tie knots the main purpose in life was to become a soldier. The girls camp taught the girls how to be a mom or a housemaid they were taught how to wash laundry, cook food, and take care of children all through the for of games. A girls future purpose was to take care of the house and to have as many kids as possible. The girls also needed to take care of the children. So while the children of other countries were playing with their toys the kids in Germany were training for war. The usage of the youth was a smart choice by Adolf Hitler because it was the fastest way to build up an army and a strong foundation for a country and the kids were the future of the country.