In website. AVF also gives clients the option

In this chapter, we will describe the service concept of AVF with a detailed description of the service process which is based on the types of customers the company has.

1.1 Service Concept Description

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When a client comes to the store they provide them with the service of choosing which type of paint and which paint color they prefer, and they can also make custom colors. Customers can order AVF products via email or through their website. Customers have the options to either pay cash or on credit, and they can also provide delivery services for large orders. AVF specializes in paints made especially for our climate. Due to our hot climate customers prefer AVF paints because it is made locally, and the durability of the products it’s what gives this company a competitive advantage in the market.

Table 1 Service Concept

Organization: Antilliaanse Verffabriek B.V.

Organization idea: High-quality paints for the Caribbean climate

Service Concept: Clients can choose from different types of paints and colors, and they can order paints via email or through their website. AVF also gives clients the option to pay or on credit and they also provide delivery services for large orders.

Service Provided:
·       Car Parking
·       3 branches
·       High-quality paints
·       Selection of colors
·       Delivery services
·       Different types of paints
·       Website
·       Custom made paints
·       Other paint related products

Service Received:
Customer experience
·       Good service
·       Helpful staff
·       Variety
·       Central Locations
·       Quality products

·       Satisfied customers
·       Product durability
·       Easy access
·       Good value for money
·       Customer Preference


Assessment of the service provided:

Customer satisfaction in the way of satisfying the customer in every aspect possible, for example: Providing the customer with different alternatives to create their color, but in the end, it won’t be exactly the shade they expected.


The website is easy to access but it is still very outdated in the sense that you cannot order online. It is supposed to be easier for customers to order because Customers should be able to order their paint and paint products at a click of a button, meaning the customers do not have to actually be physically present in the store to order nor do they have to call or email to order.


1.2 The Service Process Description:

The way that AVF takes the customer’s needs into account is by facilitating their processes to the customers. They do their best to help the customers as quickly as possible, clients can either go to one of their stores to buy readymade colors or they can have their paints custom made. Employees with expertise can also advise the customers of the types of paints and colors that are best for them, customers can also choose their colors in advance via their website.


 Flow process Diagram of the Operations of the Organization

The type of service the company provides depends on the type of customer. The organization deals with two types of customers, the ones who pay with cash or the ones who pay with credit. Usually, homeowners are the ones paying in cash while mostly contractors, architects, painting companies and distributors pay in credit.



Figure 1: Cash Customer Process


Cash Customer Process
First, when the customer walks in they will talk with an employee about what type of job they will need paint for, so the employee can guide the customer to the right type of paint and to the right colors. The process will proceed with the employee printing out the bill for the customer and then the order will be sent to the factory where the paint is produced. When the paint is finished the customer will be notified and they will be able to pay the bill. The customer can choose if they want the paint delivered or if they will pick it up themselves.

Credit Customer

Figure 2: Credit customer Process


Credit Customer Process

First, the customer will go to the AVF Paints website. On the website, the customer will be able to see a preview of all the products the company offers, including the colors they are available in and more information and recommendations on how to actually use these products. When the customer is ready to order, they can contact the company through email, phone or by visiting the store. The salesperson will then check into the system whether the customer may have reached their credit limit or if they have any bills pending that they still need to pay. If the customer is in the clear the salesperson will print the bill so the customer can pay for it. After the transaction is complete, the process of producing the paint will start. When the paint is done, the customer is notified and the paint will be delivered.


1.3 Challenges of Service Operation


Lack in sales skill

One of the challenges they have is that some of the employees have low sales skills which is why the company provides training so the sales representative can develop their skills and provide high-quality sales service.


Effective Communication

Another challenge is effective communication in the organization itself. There have been multiple cases where the managers have difficulties communicating with the employees regarding the policies & procedures even though they have received training, which in turn affects the efficiency and quality of the production and in turn the effects the service provided to the customer. Another example of the lack of effective communication in the organization is when the managers


Strategic Thinking

The managers face the challenge of strategic thinking because of their lack of long-term planning. AVF has no specific plans for the future of where they want to be in the future, or how do they want to get there. One of the reasons why they have a problem to think strategically is because they reached their comfort zone level where they receive enough profit to pay off their debt and still have enough profit over for the employees and management.



AVF has a very limited number of employees for the scale of work and products they supply, which is why one of the main challenges they face is productivity. Furthermore, as a result of the limited manpower, there is an increase in pressure and stress on each employee.