Inadvertently, I optimize my program so that it

Inadvertently, my attention towards the field of computer science happened, back in my school days. The awakening of an unassuming school girl’s interest developed while showcasing my creativity at such a tender age on paint application, which led my inquisition to explore more about Software applications grow stronger. Because of the curiosity and intuitive interest that arouse, it was subconsciously registered in my mind that my undergraduate major has to be – Information Technology.


I was determined to learn under the best, back then and even now which is what led me to enroll at the National Institute of Technology Karnataka which is ranked among the top ten engineering colleges in India and ranked number 1 among the seven other NITs in the country for the Information Technology program.

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My undergraduate degree has given me a taste of the sheer breadth and enormity of Computer Science and the flavors scented in the deep down layers of coding. Programming started out with primary programming languages like ‘C’, through courses like Computer Programming and Data Structures and Algorithms. I was inspired to advance further with a subsequent course in Object Oriented Systems, which became my first exposure to Object Oriented Programming. My curiosity could not be satiated by just theory classes and I decided to pursue NIIT’s Certificate in Java Technology. As a part of the course, I have implemented an Online Vehicle Reservation System. While the development was arduous, I found myself enjoying the challenges of building an entire web application. I was able to catch a glimpse of all the stages of the Software Development Life Cycle, a concept that I had only learned in theory. 


 “Anyone can code. But how good is your code? That’s the difference between a layman and an engineer”. Design and Analysis of Algorithms has showed me the complementary relationship between Mathematics and Algorithms. It was the course in algorithms that encouraged me to challenge myself: How can I optimize my program so that it runs better? However, it was my coursework in Data Warehousing and Data Mining, Graph Theory and Human Computer Interaction that drove my interest towards the area of Machine Learning. As I started to read up more on the field, my interest continued to increase. This culminated in my undergraduate thesis, “Song Suggestion System Based on Social Network Data”. My work attempts to build a Suggestion System which suggests a song based on the mood of the user post.


My first face off into the programming world came during my research internship at the end of my third year with Nanomindz Technologies a company based in Visakhapatnam, India. I worked on the project “Online Job Portal” – A web based application to enhance the existing techniques for job searching. My work involved in designing and coding JSP pages for different user interactive web pages and integrating Social networking sites like Facebook and Google. This internship helped me get acquainted with Internet Technologies and Applications, Object Oriented Programming and Software Engineering. The knowledge that I had gained through the internship has been further cemented through course like Software Engineering in which I had worked on building a web based application ‘Online University Finder’. 


In college, beyond academics I was involved in various other activities. I have always wanted to contribute to my alma mater in the best way possible, and so I volunteered to give C language classes to the first year students. Apart from the coding world, I had time to spend on my photography hobby which eventually turned into a passion. Being an active member in the core team of Photography Club, I was majorly involved in the technical side which involved activities such as designing posters using Photoshop, making videos and taking sessions on Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Apart from that, I have acquainted myself with the various functionalities of a professional DSLR camera and developed an expertise level knowledge on tools used for editing.


In a nutshell, I have completed my undergraduate program by gaining proficiency over 24 courses and 9 labs which have given me exposure to all the major fields of Computer Science such as Networking, Information Security, Mobile Computing, Operating Systems, Database Systems, Software Engineering and Algorithms. After my undergraduate degree, I have started working for Sonata Software Limited as a “Systems Analyst” from past 20 months. Sonata Software Ltd is a Global IT Services Company.


At Sonata Software, I worked in building Sonata Ecommerce ERP products (Brick & Click, Sonata Digital Commerce Platform) and  a  project for Health & Glow, a company based in India which sells beauty and wellness products online. Working on these projects helped me to develop a keen understanding on software development, I was able to go through all cycles of Software Development, right from requirements collection to maintenance. I could explicitly see the difference between my graduation projects at college and live projects at work in terms of difficulty level and real time challenges. But I’m happy that I was able to prove myself at work. Also, regular interactions with the clients’ onsite had helped me improve my interpersonal skills and gave me the ability to work with people from different backgrounds. Being associated with this firm in these projects not just gave me expertise and experience in databases and Java but has doubled my interests towards them.


I believe I am ready to take my career in Computers to the next whole level of learning by pursuing Masters in Computer Science at Georgia State University. My chosen primary research focus, due to my extensive experience and increasing interest in the field, is Data Mining. My secondary areas of interest are Algorithms, Computer Networks, Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering, which are supported by my background. It is an extremely exciting prospect that there is so much yet to be learned. I honestly must say that Associate Professor Rafal Angyk’s research in “Data Mining Lab” reflects on the top notch teaching and research that takes place at GSU. I also loved Associate Professor Ying Zhu’s research in “Hypermedia and Visualization Laboratory”. I would honor an opportunity to pursue my Masters under guidance of such professors.


Life is like a chess game, one player being the best version of myself I can envision and the other being what I am today. In these 23 years of my life, every strategic step in the learning process has been a move to checkmate that best version I can be. Given my exhaustive undergraduate academia, research background and work experience, the only next logical step is pursuing a Masters degree at the best – Georgia State University’s Department of Computer Science. Therefore, I am looking forward to be a part of your honored University.