Introduction: made houses and were in tribes. Main


      I read Things
Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe. Things Fall Apart is about the fall of the
main character and his community Igbo of Umuofia in eastern Nigeria. I dislike
this book because it’s not my type of genre and it’s not something I would recommend
to a classmate.

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Setting and Time:

      The time
takes place in the 20th century specifically the year 1900 in a Nigerian
village. The villages name is Ofia and Mbanta villages of the Igbo tribe.

      The setting take place in the West African
country Nigeria. The physical setting of the book is in the forest. The people
lived in traditional made houses and were in tribes.



Main Character:

      The main character is Okonkwo. He is very
tall and huge has bushy eyebrows and is severe. He is 28 years old and is very
very rich and owns a lot for himself and his three wives and many children.

     Okonkwo is
courageous, strong, strict and was known as the greatest man alive. He is
courageous because he keeps himself together when the Europeans came and broke
his tradition apart from him and his tribe. He is strong because he is a
warrior and a leader and to me when you’re a good leader you are automatically
strong. He is strict because he does not play with the rights of his tribe and
community. He was the greatest man alive because he hates weakness and believes
that no man should be weak.


The Conflict:

      There are
three separate conflicts in the book, one of which is personal and two of which
are about his community. On the personal level, the major conflict is that he
is a warrior and is trying to achieve greatness.

      On the
cultural level the conflict is that the Europeans come and grow greater and
greater and start to control the natives and their way of living.


The Main Event:

      Okonkwo sinks
into a depression, neither able to sleep or eat. He visits his friend Obierika
and begins to feel refreshed a bit. Okonkwo’s daughter Ezinma falls ill, but
she recovers after Okonkwo gathers leaves for her medicine.

      In the end
Okonkwo fears becoming lazy like his father who had died with no titles no
honors to his name. Regardless of his hard work and determination to receive
all the titles he can win, Okonkwo could not stop the changes that are
happening in his village. He cannot get his tribal men to fight the European
Christian white men who have come in to take control and change his village
traditions. The District Commissioner who represents the white Europeans comes
in to civilize Okonkwo and his tribal people. Sadly but true Okonkwo hangs
himself and dies.


The Conclusion:

      The authors
purpose is to entertain and to explain. Why? Because this book is nothing but
fiction and tells a story. Also the author was explaining colonialism which is
when the white Europeans came to Africa for the first time.

      The book was
a little bit tragic and sad but entertaining. And I would not recommend this
book because it’s tragic and sad.