Introduction management for third parties. During 10 years







GLOBCOIN is dependent on the sales of tokens. And you may wonder the purpose of such tokens.

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The purpose of Token sale (GCP) is:

– provide additional funding to enhance the current platform, taking advantage of the best of blockchain technology.

– make the platform available to the largest community of users

– disseminate the use of dedicated baskets in specific regions of the World, in accordance with the local regulations that may apply.




History of GLOBCOIN

Globcoin was found in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1998 as an Overlay Asset Management system by Helie d’Hautefort .  The company was started under the aim to specialize currency management for third parties. During 10 years of successful partnership with BNP Paribas, assets managed were worth over USD 22billion, ranking the company in the top 5 worlds’ leading currency managers.

In 2012, the company decided to make use of the new innovations and advanced technologies and provide currency management services. A basket of currencies was launched as the “Wealth Preservation Currency Basket” to protect large clients in globalized economy.


Currency basket opportunities

Currency baskets offer business opportunities on a broader sense as it allows the user to perform transactions over multiple currencies. It provides flexibility to investors to trade in any country over a group of currencies. It can also help the country to develop economically as it would improve the GDP of the country.

For example: If an investor calculates that the value of USD is going to be higher than other set of currencies, he can invest in the USD by buying a token. He can then track the performance of the USD against the other currencies. In case USD beats other currencies, then he can sell his token and gain the profits.

However, there are a few problems to implement this. They are:

·        Barrier of size: Foreign exchange markets operate on large amounts.

·        Barrier of price: Only expert currency managers can effectively decide the pricing of each token with respect to the basket of currencies.

·        Barrier of infrastructure: Trading individual currencies requires adequate infrastructure.

Solutions offered

Globcoin is a game-changer, as it is very cost effective and professional in its working. It works on the existing blockchains of ETHEREUM. Since, such blockchains operate on the public network; the cost of the middleman such as banks and public institutions is completely cut down.  The cost of transactions becomes substantial for the individual. Yet, banks and/or brokers would still be needed to realize the tokens into actual wealth. Tokens can then be exchanged over various platforms at a fraction of cost and the amounts can be large or small.

The image in the next page shows how the contents of a cup of coffee can be bought from various countries using tokens and how currency exchange can help the individuals to make trade overseas easily.



The replica of the world Economy

Globcoin tracks around 15 of the world’s largest currencies and gold. Globcoin also acts as a reserve making it the world’s first reserve currency.

The portfolio of the basket aims to capitalize on the market trend towards a globalized and multipolar world by leveraging smart algorithms using the GDP of each country adjusted by the Purchasing Power Parity.

Index Weight = Weight × 1+ Perf +Weight × 1+ Perf ?

The currency allocation is well diversified and covers 85% of the world economy.



The team

Helie d’HautefortCEO – Founder

Helie set up the first European currency overlay manager sold it to BNP Paribas AM and turned it into a world leader with over USD 23 billion of AUM. Before he was in charge of the currency hedging management of Peugeot Group. Previously he managed currency options portfolios at various banks foreign exchange departments. Helie graduated from HEC, in Paris.

It has the following members on the team:

·        Bertrand Weisgerber-Founder

·        Jean-Marc Seigneur-Trust and Reputation lead

·        Felix Velay-CTO

·        Linda Leaney-CFO

·        Gaspard d’Hautefeuille-Lead Developer

·        Xavier de Villoutreys-Senior Portfolio Manager




Whether, you’re curious about the new wave of cryptocurrency or you’re an investor looking to build your wealth and improve your financial circumstance; Globcoin is an excellent company to buy tokens from. They offer good security of your funds and help you in your trade and transactions. Recently, Globcoin has launched the GLOBCOIN MULTICURRENCY PLATINUM MasterCard. This has brought the company into the forefront of the cryptocurrency world. With the blockchain technologies such as ETHEREUM, GLOBCOIN has collaborated to create tokenised baskets. This makes the technology to accessible to the general public and making the world a global economy.

Currently, Globcoin e-wallets are available. The company also has plans about opening branches in Asia, Europe and South America.

Globcoin has a review of 7.1/10 on TrustPilot .