INTRODUCTION W.sites and The questionnaire used a “Likert


Biscuit Limited CBL” emerged in 1984 it is a Joint Venture of  “Hasan Ali Khan” and the “Group (Danon)”
later (Danon) soldout to Kraft Foods .

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is manufacturing and marketing of the “LU” and many famous biscuits like candi,
rio, rite etc and opertating many parts of the Pakistan



The important challenge
is that how to get gains by using the SAP system for HR and were the employees
satisfied with the training they had on the system

Methodology in
this reserch is H0: There will be no differences in using I.S= H1: SAP will lessen
the cost and time and Improve communication, and unite regulations of Hr.,
Increase the satisfaction of customers H2= Employees will be satisfied of with
the SAP training Sampling was in the way that questionnaires were emailed to
different W.sites and The questionnaire used a “Likert scale” from 1 to 5 “1
-strongly disapprove & 5 -strongly approve”.  Results Using the Pearson correlation factor between the
degree of each factor and the total degree of the aspects, the result were that
relations varied between medium +=0.58%. relations to very high positive =0.82%
Relations. Which make that the questionnaire is sufficient to analyses the
hypotheses. by SPSS  and by Frequencies
and % processes like Cronbach’s alpha, Pearson’s Coefficient of Correlation,
ne-sample T-Test all things leads that Using SAP accomplished that reduced
paper work, cost, and printers by 33%, Decreased the need to hire by =2.5.%,
Speeded transactions, increasing customer satisfaction

The main
accomplishments of HRM where IS can be used effectively include Employee detail
data and , Recruitment management, Trainings, other planning, Appraisal system,
Compensation system management, (S.A. Kelkar in 2003).in Larg organizations
E-HR install because it helps in to save time of the process and handle big
datas, lessen costs of management, and provide material  and info. about HR anytime, “L.M. Prasad- 2003”

“In Business, General Articles posted”

This article clarify the importance of
HCR. module of ERP  as it mechanize the
business functions relating to human resource such as “payroll, administration,
hiring, planning, development, and more services, are job postings,  tracking time in and out of employee” etc.,
can all be amalgamated into single component, which makes management
system smooth. Advantages are detailed in all following aspects Automation of
management system, Sharing of information, update data availability and many


Human capital Management in SAP helps in the improvement of human
capital (HCM) by joining all HRM applications with the respective deprtments.
Basically manager can look into data from the HR system as different planning
provisions, benefits of workers. many procedures are connected with the hr
module to deal with the workforce more competently as the finance module is for
looking in the pay of all the employes. The different measures are figuring the
wages and tasks of the workers as well as monitoring the retirement advantages
and payment of pay rates to the retired worker. also it would be the integration
of all departments with the HCM module in terms of training and development, if
training and development is needed for a particular employee for a department
then the ERP system will have stored that information to provide the
appropriate help.

Statistical information can therefore be found to support the
workforce and benefits can be given accordingly. In this was SAP can also be
used to provide these functions to Continental biscuits although the current
ERP system is working effectively for them.

 Through the
interview of Mr. SALMAN (manger I.T department at continental biscuits) I managed
to collect the information regarding ERP HCM module at CBL and came to Know
that it is very important for the smooth administration of human resources
department of Continental biscuits. Basically it efficiently monitors all the
functions of hr. department like



It timely maintains a complete employee database
such as


details and
system of all employees.

HCM module at CBL basically integrates all processes
of human resources management. It collect information and then put at one
database. It also look into application to retirement. It maintain basic address
data of all employees and also the recruitment, training, skills, performances,
capabilities and retirement. For the CBL It also provides the functionality to
read applications of employees and enter that statistics to database, and
report Hr. head all things.

HCM module of SAP ERP is basically for the personnel
planning and development and Allows planning to develop actual and proposed
personnel systems such

At Continental biscuits PAYROLL FUNCTION is considered
too important HR employees at CBL can enter all data of the payroll with
automation ERP HCM modul. In all, it can simplify the processing of the payroll
every month which is also according to the CBL polices

at CBL perform personnel administration such as hiring employee’s termination
and salary.

into the  Functions that CBL needs for
working through the entire recruitment  functions that CBL can use to implement smooth
recruitment such as reciving application via web access, Selection of applicant

CBL administers employee benefits in a way like Healths and medical Insurances
Life insurances,other packages for your employees

of HR. module of erp basically is for remuneration process including fixed pay,
Variable pay, Promotion

For the purpose of the EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION they
are also do the Management By Objectiv MBO


Time management of employees at Continental
the interview Mr. Salman tell us that time management at continental biscuit is
basically done with the help of LIMTON software

About LimtonLimton is the innovator in “Time
and Attendance Management” and with 100years of experience this company is steadfast
to providing technical services as they offer tailored solutions.

All employee’s attendanc and  time-in and time-out is tracked by the this
software by the way of face as well as finger detection and which provides the
on time information by bring up-to-date  electronic time record and absence is also
done by this system  

Following are the some screenshots
provided by continental biscuit”The Human Resources functional
area exchanges data with the Accounting and Finance, Marketing and Sales, and
Supply Chain Management functional area”