Is are produced, but in this process, water

water important to our life? The answer is definitely yes. Water weighs more
than two- thirds of our human body. We cannot survive without water and air. We
do have plenty of water available for us, but most of the available water doesn’t
meet the qualification for us to drink and use. Virtual water refers to water
used when food or other things are produced, but in this process, water is
behind the scene, so we could not see water is being used virtually. Peak water
limit is an idea of that we are running out of our water limits, not just the
water availability, but also the quality of water. I do believe these two
concepts are of the concern to us. Because water is so important to us. We have
plenty of water to use in our generation, but we need to think about our next
generation. We also need to consider the consequences of taking too much water
from the natural.

            The result of my footprint
calculation is 728 cubic meters per year. I am very surprised by this result. Most
of my water usage goes to food consumption. This is a huge number especially we
have 7.5 billion people living in the world. I think the United States is doing
a great job on water management compare to other countries like Japan, China. But
the quality of water in the United States is a worry.

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            In conclusion, water resource is
very limit and precious. Please reduce water usage and be appreciated what nature
gives to us.