Jazz was among the first to focus

Jazz certainly defied many musical conventions with its compressed rhythms and spontaneous instrumental solos, that would highlight the seen!  Thousands of city residents gathered night after night just to see the same performers repeat with style. Harlem’s Cotton Club advertised the talents of well renowned Duke Ellington and many others. Headliners such as Bessie Smith popularized blues and jazz vocals with every stop. One of the many influential musicians during this time was Duke Ellington. Duke did it all! He was a jazz composer, conductor, as well as an amazing performer during the Harlem Renaissance. Duke experimented with and ultimately developed the style that would quickly bring him success worldwide. Duke Ellington was among the first to focus on the musical form and the composition of Jazz. As a writer Duke Ellington had written over 2,000 pieces of music throughout his lifetime. Another influential musician was Louis Armstrong. “Louie” was also a jazz composer, but unlike Duke Louie made magic with happen with his trumpet during the Harlem Renaissance. Louie was widely recognized as a “founding father” of jazz. He performed hundreds of concerts per year as he was an absolute musical genius. Many wanted to see him in action and would travel for miles. Performing for both kids and adults all enjoyed watching his passion and the enthusiasm of his performances. Louis Armstrong became well known in the 1920s, influencing numerous of musicians with both his bold style and his distinct vocal sound. Another musical genius was a woman by the name of Bessie Smith. Bessie Smith was a famous jazz and blues singer during the Harlem Renaissance. Betsy Smith recorded with many of the great jazz musicians of the 1920s, including Louis Armstrong. She was very popular with both black communities as well as with the white community as she was an entertainer that shared her talents with both.