Language physics. The correctness reference is provided by

is a medium in a communication system. It is a medium that allows everyone to
understand each other during the process of communication. In our present time,
English language is the most popular language in the world. It is the
international language, which is spoken all over the world. It plays a big role
in our social, political, economic, and educational system (Israni, 2016). In the Philippines, most of
the people especially those students, teachers, and workers use the English
language to be able to express their point of views.

our modern time, learning the English language is a very essential one because
it is a primary language used as medium of instruction.  It is also the official language used in most
of the academic subjects especially in the Philippine setting. Therefore, it
plays an important role in the pursuit of knowledge acquisition. English
language proficiency is presumed to be one important contributor to the
unexplained variance of the differences in academic achievement.

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in the contexts of Physics, where technical terms are in the form of English it
is much easier and understandable to every student to deliver it in the form of
the language.

is considered difficult. This is partly because students find its words tough
or unfamiliar. They are also confused when a word that means one thing in
everyday language means something different in science. “Resistance”, for
instance, means something totally different in everyday language and in
physics. The correctness reference is provided by the characteristics of the
object or phenomenon that is being described, and also by the way or extent to
which we may know such characteristics; in other words, it relates both to the
characteristics of physical reality and to important features of the scientific
method (Mammino, 2010).

this study, the researchers will identify the effect of English proficiency in
the performance of the students in Physics.