Learner’s cope well in stressful environment. They

                                                            Learner’s Profile

My students are of grade 8th of age group of approximately 13-14 years. My students are from India. The topic that I will teach them in online module is ‘Pronoun’.

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Students must have technical knowledge. They must have basic knowledge of computer operating and internet. Students must have ability to read and write. They must be able to do their work independently. Students should be highly motivated and engaged. Students must be flexible learners, who learns at their own pace. Students must know the effective way of doing research and find learning sources online. Students must be active learners. Students must be self-directed and self-efficient. They must be good time-manager.

For learning pronouns, students must have the knowledge of nouns and its kinds. To check their prior knowledge, there will be an activity of drag and drop.

The method of delivering content to the students is online. Students might be interested and motivate to learn online by themselves. They need to be self motivated and determined for doing and completing the online work and follow the instructions guided by the teacher.

Students should be able to do their work by their own. They should be able to cope well in stressful environment. They should be able to solve online exercises, do worksheets, use technology and access online material. They might be able to use a learning management system. They may have some practical, analytic or creative intelligence.

Every student prefers to learn in different way. Some students are very intelligent, highly motivated and engaged. They like to study by their own, by taking their time. On the other hand, some prefer to work and learn in groups, by engaging themselves in different activities and discussions. Some students are average and some are slow learners who takes time in learning and doing assignments.

As a group, students must be able to do collaborative work as a team. Students should possess good interpersonal and communication skills. The students should be able to adapt online learning processes, activities and techniques. Students must be able to reflect their ideas and concepts in a group or as an individual. There will be group activities in online module, to enhance student’s engagement in learning.

An online survey was conducted to get knowledge about the students that in what way they learn best. Every student has his/her own learning style. Students are auditory, visual and kinesthetic learners. Some learners learn while hearing, discuss what they are learning, work with partners etc. Some students learn while watching visuals, pictures that represent ideas and use graphics and ?owcharts etc. Some students are concrete learners, they learn best by doing activities and games, by making models or do experiments. Some are abstract learners, they learn while reading. Some students are logical learners they learn while thinking in detail. By keeping their needs in my mind, I created the module that include activities, online discussions, fun games, reading and creative and logical assignments, to meet all the needs of the students. Most students are able to learn the concept step by step, after doing one thing, they move to the next one. Even the students, who are very intelligent and creative, learn and understand things step by step.