Different work to the full potential. Motivation –

Different people learn in different ways, this is because we all have different learning styles. There are many factors that influence peoples learning styles and processes. Some of these include; attitude – if someone takes an ‘I don’t care’ attitude to your work then they wont do as well. They need to have a positive attitude and a clear mind to enable them to do their work to the full potential. Motivation – if someone is motivated to do something and they really want to get there and how much they want to get there, they will do it, however, if they feel it will not help them in any way then they will be less motivated resulting in putting it off until the last minute.

Health – if someone has health problems that keep coming back, i.e. tonsillitis, then they may find it hard to study. These people need to make sure that they are punctual whenever possible and are organised. Responsibilities – people prioritise what they do on how important it is. If someone had children or is a young carer then their responsibilities are to take care of the person, they may have a job or more important tasks to carry out before completing work.

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Relationships – if someone has a partner then they may put their work off to see them. People may have children and so may not have time to do assignments if there are problems at home. Learning environment – completing work is hard if you don’t have the right working environment, if it is noisy or you don’t have any desk space to work then you will find it harder to get your work done. Other possibilities for finding it hard to complete work may be that you don’t have a computer or any books, this means you will have to make time to go to the library or round to a friends to complete work, which makes it harder to complete your work.

At the start of the programme I completed my GCSEs and I believe I got good results. I had good communication skills as I was used to being in groups and meeting new people. I had experience in looking after individuals as I have a babysitting job. I was a very skilled person, I like to learn new skills and use them in everyday life. I valued people as people, I didn’t realise that some people have different needs. However, I did understand that people are human beings and have feelings; they need to be treated with respect and care. My career aspirations were to become a children’s nurse, this is because I love taking care of younger children and believe I have it in my nature to care for them. I also wanted to be a good roll model to children and help them recover from illness and surgery.

My learning style is aural/social/solitary. This means I learn best listening and talking about things and working alone. There are many factors that influence my learning, these include; attitude – my attitude towards my work is positive, I like to get it done straight away as the information is still fresh in my memory. Motivation – I am very motivated to be a children’s nurse, I know what I have to do to get there and I understand that it was my choice to enrol on the course and as a result I should do the work as required when asked to do so. Health – I have frequent recurrences of tonsillitis, this causes me to be absent, and however, I am considering getting my tonsils removed to prevent future absences. Responsibilities – I have some responsibilities at home, these include, babysitting and housework.

I make sure that I have done my assignments before I baby-sit and after doing my part of the housework. This seems to have worked so far. Relationships – I currently have a boyfriend, he supports me through college and makes sure that I have my assignments completed before going out. I have a close relationship with my mother too. She helps me through tough assignments; this allows me to understand the assignment as I talk to her about it. Learning environment – I have no issues with the environment in which I learn, I have a computer and Internet access at home. I also have a library card. I have a quiet and well-lit space to study at home.