Many accurate form of peace. Peace can only

   Many people believe
that peace is the absence of war. This statement may seem logically true at
first, but with further research and examination I was able to deliberate that
it is not entirely true in this case. The existence of peace activism has been
around for a very long time. Hundreds of thousands of people have risked and
sacrificed their lives for the world to become a more peaceful place. The
absence of war is not an accurate form of peace. Peace can only be accomplished
through global association and trust. Peace is the presence of justice. In a
community peace is achieved when different desires are agreement.  I believe peace is established on a bunch of
different issues. Some include education, culture, history, race, generation,
etc. These issues will still exist without war.


   Most religions such
as Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, and Sikhism had important
individuals know as prophets/rishis came to preach about peace and god. A long
time ago these people all preached peace differently. Although they had
different perspectives they did have one common belief which was in order to
accomplish peace, one must sacrifice. Many believe with the absence of war
there will be peace. A political scientist named Quincy Wright stated in a
discussion of public opinion and war, differentiates between peacemaker and
internationalist views of peace. He says: ”a negative conception of peace is
self-defeating and unrealizable. Peace must be conceived positively as a
universal society assuring co-operation and justice among all important
groups” (pg. 812 K Stephenson – Peace Studies). The absence of war does not
mean peace has been achieved. There have been many times in history when there
was an absence of war. An example of this is, the 7th century Mecca was a
peaceful time after Muhammad united Arabia into a single entity under Islam
having no wars for a good amount of time. This did not last as long as expected.
Mecca did not stay in a peaceful manor.  The
general population Mecca did not make a move to support and keep up the peace
that was there. All these authentic cases demonstrate that peace does in
certainty require activity and can’t be accomplished through the abolishment of
wars. I believe this clearly proves that the absence of war does not truly
achieve peace.

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   Peace activists
kept on emerging from all parts of the world as time passed. To this day there
are numerous peace activists who have committed their life just to lecture
their message of peace. Numerous individuals see Gandhi as a peace activist, but
this isn’t exactly true. He taught people that violence doesn’t resolve any
problems but failed to teach the true meaning of peace of global association
and peace not being the absence of war/violence. Jean-Jacques Rousseau a
philosopher on the studies of peace opposed to Gandhi taught people that it is
going to take action and sacrifice in order to achieve peace (Discourse reading
Jean-Jacques Rousseau). One present day case of a peace activist that was taught
comparatively to Rousseau and religious people is Albert Einstein. Einstein,
had knowledge on Peace and the Atomic Bomb in 1945. Einstein argued “the time
has come now, when man must give up war. It is no longer rational to solve
international problems by resorting to war”. He also said “Men  must 
radically  change  their attitudes  toward 
each  other  and 
their  views  of 
the  future.  Force must no longer be an instrument of politics.
Today,  we  do 
not  have  much 
time  left;  it 
is  up  to 
our  generation  to 
succeed  in  thinking differently. If we fail, the days of
civilized humanity are numbered” (The Meaning of Peace Reading Chapter 1).
After reading these quotes I believe Einstein backs up the matter that we must
take action if we want to accomplish peace. His judgments are in understanding to
the contention of this essay that to achieve the true form of peace we must
have a universal connection and sacrifice.


   Despite the fact
that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights sets up a universal association
and movement made by mankind to secure each other and accomplish peace. The
objective is to keep and maintain the peace achieved. The world did not keep up
the peace it could have had and lost an incentive for the UDHR and this is the
reason for all the violence on the planet. All individuals such as scientists,
philosophers and even messengers/profits of god all have something in common.
They argue to accomplish peace, we should relinquish war, and however beside
that we should make a movement and make sacrifice’s to keep peace. We
experience a daily reality where making sacrifices for humankind appears to be
unreasonably a lot to ask for. I think that this is a reason there are several
wars and issues going ahead in the world. We will never accomplish true peace
until the point where we can stand together and build up a universal association
and make a move.