Many to concentration camps, or got everything

Many Jews that went into hiding had to leave their family and could be severely punished if they did find them.Some Jews just pretended to be Germans by disguising themselves as Germans.Some Jews went into hiding into clandestinely (in a secretive and illicit way) or attics or basements.Children that hid had to conceal their Jewish identity from neighbors and other people.With one tiny mistake like their language the Jews could give it away and they could catch the Jews and the people that are helping them.Living as a non-Jew was hard because they had to obtain false papers and they were really hard to get.Children that were hidden in attics and cellars had to remain motionless and quiet for many hours, some even hours on end.Some children that hid out in the country had to hide in barns, chicken coups, and forest huts.They also had to be very quiet, even one foot step could give it away and the neighbors could find out.Even if they were bombing they still had to stay hidden they could not escape.Some of them had little or no human interaction and the became really bored some even got really scared.Many families got separated because the space was too little.Some of the hiding spots could only hold about two people.Some children never say their parents again same with other families.Most of the children were treated nice by their rescuers and about a handful of them were treated badly.Many parents that sent their children to hiding had to pay the rescuer.If they did get caught they would get killed, sent to concentration camps, or got everything they owned burned.After the war many people were traumatized.Some babies and toddlers that went hiding didn’t know their names and thought their rescuers were their real parents.Often the kids were recognized by a birthmark.Many children also had to change their religion when they pretended to be GermansSome rescuers used the people that went into hiding because they would collect the money and then turn them in for even more money